‘I would rather not race again’: Lewis Hamilton makes big claim about controversial gesture

Lewis Hamilton has worked tirelessly to break down racial barriers that remain in motorsport and society, with the Brit having founded his own charity.

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that despite having worked relentlessly to stop discrimination in Formula 1 for the last three years, he continues to have “difficult conversations” with people over racial barriers.

The seven-time World Champion has worked tirelessly since the tragic murder of George Floyd, who was killed in 2020 in Minneapolis, United States, at the hands of a police officer.

Since that moment, Hamilton has gone above and beyond in trying to end racial discrimination and inequality, by not only setting an example in Formula 1 but by also setting up several organisations.

In the last three years, the 37-year-old has set-up his own charitable foundation Mission 44, as well as having conducted the Hamilton Commission, and also championed Mercedes’ Accelerate 25 programme.

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Hamilton is aware that he must continue to work ferociously in order for change to happen, with the 103-time Grand Prix winner knowing that if he stops, his work and all the changes that have been made will be forgotten.

“There are still so many barriers still in place,” Hamilton told The New York Times.

“Hopefully, it’s not going to be like this for much longer but it’s just sad to see we are still finding those things today.

“If I don’t have these conversations with people, if I don’t bring up these difficult conversations, they won’t necessarily get discussed or tackled, or energy from organisations won’t necessarily be put into creating more inclusivity.

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“Spending the time having those conversations and what it means and how positive it could be for everybody, it takes time. It’s a constant job to have them.”

Following the death of George Floyd, Hamilton attempted to rally up all the drivers on the grid to take a knee before each race, in respect of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Famously, Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to take a knee alongside Hamilton, a moment that will forever be symbolic in Hamilton’s and the sport’s quest to stop discrimination once and for all.

Hamilton remains incredibly proud of the work he’s done and admits he’s “seen so much grown within myself” since 2020, a year he deems as having been “hugely impactful”.

“I’ve definitely seen so much growth within myself over several years now,” added Hamilton.

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“But 2020 was hugely impactful in terms of my spirit and how strong and empowered I felt, to stand up and be outspoken.

“Regardless of what the outcome would be in terms of if you have people unhappy, just knowing that things needed to be said, needed to be done because there are so many people struggling.

“I would rather not race again and have done that and spoken out for people than continue to do what I was doing.”