‘I would be careful’: Ralf Schumacher warns Haas that Mick could ditch them for a rival team

Ralf Schumacher is unhappy with comments made by Guenther Steiner regarding his nephew Mick Schumacher, who crashed heavily at the Monaco GP.

Not for the first-time this season, former driver Ralf Schumacher has spoken out about Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner.

The uncle of Haas driver Mick Schumacher was left unhappy by Steiner’s “unnecessary comments”, following the Monaco Grand Prix.

Schumacher believed that Steiner’s comments allowed “too much interpretation” over his nephew’s future, who has now been involved in two costly crashes this season.

For the second time this season, Schumacher crashed so heavily that his VF22 broke into two, with Steiner labelling the incident as “not very satisfactory”.

“We need to see how we move forward from here,” Steiner added.

The comments left the ex-F1 driver frustrated, and he said that it was “typical” of the Haas team principal.

“Such statements are again typical of Gunther Steiner,” he said.

“They allow for too much interpretation. That’s unnecessary, and the team has also made a lot of mistakes.”

The brother of Michael Schumacher recognises that it’s vital for his nephew to stop crashing, however, he goes on to explain how the American team themselves also need to improve.

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“Two things now have to come together – on the one hand, Mick has to be careful not to make any more driving mistakes,” the former driver continued.

“But Haas also has to improve because Magnussen is also finding it difficult.

“It’s important that everything works together now, so that there are no technical defects, he can do his practice sessions and he doesn’t make any mistakes.

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“If both sides play better together then I don’t see a problem.”

The young German has struggled alongside Kevin Magnussen this season, with some believing that his seat with the team might be at threat.

His uncle completely disagrees with these comments, insisting that other sides are aware of Schumacher’s “potential”.

The former Toyota driver also explained that Mick Schumacher would fit the image perfectly, if Audi and Porsche join the championship.

“I believe the other team bosses see exactly what potential there is,” he said.

“There are other options too. There’s a lot going on right now, like a big German manufacturer coming into Formula 1 and really wanting a German driver.

“So from that point of view I would be careful,” warned the 46-year-old.