‘I will show you’: Daniel Ricciardo recalls embarrassing Kimi Raikkonen encounter

Kimi Raikkonen retired from Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season.

Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen are arguably two of the most unalike drivers in the modern history of Formula 1, with their personalities being the complete opposite of one another.

Both drivers were fan favourites for very different reasons, with Ricciardo having been loved for his bubbly persona and quick jokes.

Throughout his F1 career, Ricciardo was often seen joking around with another driver or busy taking snaps with fans, all whilst having an enormous smile on his face.

Raikkonen on the other hand, became incredibly popular for his blunt nature, with the Finn having often had very few words to say.

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His radio outbursts were also one of a kind, whilst he was also famously spotted having walked straight to his yacht rather than the pits after retiring from the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix.

So given how different the two drivers are, it’s not difficult to imagine that an encounter between them would be fairly odd.

Ricciardo recently recalled that Raikkonen actually made fun of him at the start of his F1 career, with the Aussie having used the female toilets.

With Raikkonen tending to keep to himself, Ricciardo took the Finn’s comments “personally”.

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“You don’t want to wee in a race car,” Ricciardo said on 96FM.

“The belts are so tight and they are pushing in on you and it’s just not fun.

“I tried recently doing it in a bottle, nup, doesn’t work.

“Everyone kind of queues up sometimes and because you don’t have much time.

“There was like a females and a males, and I was like, ‘Look when you’ve got to go, you just go’.

“So I walked into the females and as I was walking out Raikkonen goes, ‘All the women are in here’ or something like that.

“He was basically having a jab at me that I’m female.

“I was new and the way he kind of said it, he doesn’t really talk to anyone, I just took it personally.

“[I thought] One day I will show you I am a man!”

This wasn’t the only time Ricciardo took something that Raikkonen done “personally”, with the Finn having once blanked the 33-year-old on the grid.

Ricciardo is seemingly always full of energy on the grid before a race, with him often embracing the atmosphere.

Raikkonen’s approach was very different, with him having kept to himself to remain focused on the task at hand.

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“On the grid, I tend to be quite friendly with people, but if I smile at someone and they blank me — it kind of p****s me off,” Ricciardo said.

“I take it personally for sure. I remember Kimi used to give me the cold shoulder and I took that personally.

“I would make a mental note of it and on track if I was ever feeling generous it was never going to be towards him.”