‘I don’t know about Lewis’: Fernando Alonso hails Max Verstappen

Fernando Alonso has given his backing to Dutch driving sensation Max Verstappen following Sunday's race.

Fernando Alonso, a seasoned Formula 1 veteran, attributes Max Verstappen’s remarkable success to his consistent ability to perform at “100 percent” more frequently than his competitors. 

While acknowledging Verstappen’s achievements, Alonso remains confident in his own potential to achieve similar success in the sport.

Verstappen’s triumphant journey through the Formula 1 season continued as he secured his third consecutive Dutch Grand Prix victory. 

The Red Bull driver’s domination was evident as he crossed the finish line three seconds ahead of Alonso, who had briefly contemplated attacking during a restart following a late rain interruption.

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Alonso weighed his options and chose not to jeopardise valuable points and a potential podium finish. 

Verstappen’s victory marked his ninth consecutive win, equalling Sebastian Vettel’s record for the most successive F1 wins. 

With his sights set on the record-breaking tenth win, Verstappen approaches the Monza race with a determined spirit, inching closer to his own record for the most wins in a single campaign.

Alonso acknowledged Verstappen’s prowess, particularly his capacity to consistently deliver exceptional performances. 

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When asked about the possibility of challenging Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton on equal footing, Alonso expressed his self-confidence and highlighted the mindset required to compete at the highest level. 

He stated, “Yeah, it is underestimated sometimes what Max is achieving. 

“I think to win in such a dominant matter in any of the professional sports, it is so complicated.”

Asserting his own potential, Alonso continued, “So to be at the same level of him, obviously, we have a lot of self-confidence, drivers in general, so I do believe that I can do as good as well. 

“I don’t know about Lewis, but me, yes!

“And Lewis as well, and everyone.” 

Alonso emphasised the importance of being in sync with the car and achieving a state of connection that allows for peak performance.

Alonso acknowledged Verstappen’s consistency as the factor that sets him apart from his peers: “Max is achieving that 100% more often than us at the moment, than any of the drivers, so that’s why he’s dominating.” 

Verstappen’s ability to consistently perform at his peak level has propelled him to a position of dominance in the current season.

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Reflecting on his own learning curve, Verstappen pinpointed the pivotal moment in Baku that triggered his successful run. 

He noted that he drew valuable insights from that race, refining his approach to car setup and strategy. 

Verstappen shared, “I think I learned a lot from the race in Baku, how to do some things with the car, how to set it up.”