How to Bet on Formula 1

Few sports can compete with the thrill and excitement of Formula 1, with the best 20 drivers on the planet battling it out, week after week, in a different location on the globe.

Dating back to 1950, the concept of Formula 1 has evolved hugely over time, with both in-car technology and the infrastructure and funding surrounding the whole sport developing exponentially.

As part of the seismic changes Formula 1 continues to undertake year after year, the advent of Formula 1 betting has also boomed too, with sportsbooks now offering a plethora of odds on motor racing action, of which Formula 1 is the flagship event. Finding the best odds/ways to bet on Formula 1 can often be tricky but informative sites such as Legalbet.UK provide users with a very useful Formula 1 betting resource.

Much like betting on any sport, having a tried and tested method is often much easier to write down on paper than it is to execute in a realistic sports betting scenario. That said, the schedule by which the Formula 1 calendar runs too lends itself very nicely to developing a betting technique that works, regardless of a punter’s betting aspirations.

With 22 races taking place as part of the regular Formula 1 season, with practice and qualifying sessions at each race and the natural variety that comes with staging each race in a different destination across the world, there are plenty of betting opportunities out there for Formula 1 betting fans.

Here is a rundown of how to bet on Formula 1:

Formula 1 Betting Variety

Onlookers who perhaps don’t possess too much knowledge of Formula 1 often assume that as a betting market, the sport is quite limited, with bets being placed simply on the outcome of any given race.

Inevitably, the Formula 1 outright winner market is very popular but online sportsbooks have worked hard in recent times to develop a broad marketplace, for F1 fans to enjoy sports betting and to enable them to be fully invested in all aspects of a Formula 1 race meeting.

Here are some of the most popular Formula 1 betting markets available:

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Driver’s Championship Winner – With no fewer than 22 races in a regular Formula 1 season, all of the 20 drivers in the championship are vying to be crowned the F1 Driver’s Championship winner and there are plenty of ante-post and in-season markets available to punters.

Outright Race Winner – As mentioned, betting on the outright winner of any Formula 1 race remains the most popular vocation for F1 punters, simply due to the maximum excitement it provides. With 22 races each season, every track has its share of thrills and spills, making the race-viewing experience encapsulating and backing a winner all the way is a hard feeling to beat in the gambling sphere.

  • Podium Finish – With the current trend for a couple of teams and their drivers to dominate a whole season of Formula 1 action, better odds can often be found when backing a driver to finish on the podium. The first three drivers over the finish line make their way onto the podium at the end of the race to be awarded their customary trophies and champagne and there is always value to be found when backing a driver to finish on the podium.
  • Top 6 Finish – In a similar vein, backing a driver to finish in the top 6 has become a hugely popular betting market amongst punters, presenting each player with an opportunity to back an outsider to feature at the sharp end of any given race.
  • Fastest Qualifier/Pole Position – Seasoned Formula 1 punters are all too aware of the whole weekend of racing providing them with a chance to bet on certain outcomes and the Fastest Qualifier/Pole Position market can often be a lucrative one. Backing a driver to start at the front of the grid generally carries more value, as there is no guarantee they will be able to sustain their performance level when the cut and thrust of the race begins.
  • First Driver to Retire – Danger is a component that cuts Formula 1 drivers apart from the rest and bumps and retirements are very much part and parcel of the regular season. Whilst it may seem a little pessimistic, backing a certain driver to be the first on the grid to retire is a high-paying market and if a punter picks correctly, it can be hugely lucrative.

Formula 1 Bookmaker Offers

Such is the regularity of Formula 1 races within the sporting calendar, that most bookmakers earmark special offers and promotions around the Formula 1 schedule. Ranging from free F1 bet tokens to money back as a Free bet if a certain punt loses, Formula 1 punters have plenty of offers to get stuck into.

Be Informed about Formula 1

Unlike many other sports, a huge amount of which team or driver is ultimately successful in any Formula 1 race (or indeed F1 season) is down to the engineering process of the car in pre-season. The likes of Mercedes and Red Bull have enjoyed a decade-long period of dominance on the F1 circuit and anybody betting on Formula 1 needs to be au fait with the comings and goings off the track, as well as on it.

Different races also pose different circuit problems for drivers and inevitably, different driving styles are better suited to certain driving environments. Grand Prix such as Monaco and Baku take place through the city center, with tight turns and car control key, whilst the likes of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Melbourne Grand Prix, Australia, are all about speed. Understanding which drivers excel in certain driving conditions is key, as is the impact that weather can have on how a track performs.

Formula 1 betting has become big business for sportsbooks and punters alike and with constant expansion and exploration within the sport, betting enthusiasts always seem to enjoy the market offerings from Formula 1 gambling.

With 22 races each season and each weekend posing a multitude of problems for drivers and their teams to overcome, punters always have something to get stuck into when betting on Formula 1.