How important will car development be this year?

With the 2022 season getting underway, fans will soon have an answer to how the cars shape up against one another as we get a few races deep and get a realistic expectation for what each car can do – for punters looking to support their favourite teams too they can use this Ladbrokes bonus code for wagering on all of the races to take part this season.

It’s important to note that testing and the opening race or two may not shed all of the light on who’ll win the season, and car development will be a hugely impactful part of the process this year – but just how important will it be compared to other years?

It’s not uncommon, particularly for the top teams, to see car development stop part way through the season to dedicate more resources to the car set to take the grid in the season following, with the teams lower down on the table often continuing development right up until the end of the season – but with the 2022 cars being so drastically different in the regulations, it may not be all that rare to see teams working on the current cars right up until the end, particularly if there’s a close battle for the title too.

Some issues that have reared their head such as porpoising will likely be fixed within the first few races, but this may be an ongoing point of development as teams try to maximize the downforce without seeing the negative side effects that come with this new design too – teams like Aston Martin had struggled with understeer during pre-season testing too and although the team weren’t trying to set fast times instead with a focus on pulling out as much performance as possible, it’s a battle all of the teams were dealing with throughout and will no doubt be a big focus in development too.

With the ability to really test the limits of what the new regulations are this year, there will certainly be a bigger focus on car development than in previous years as is the case when any new regulations come into play, car development throughout the season could see very dramatic changes to the cars and the teams who are able to best figure out the development cycle will be able to squeeze the most performance out of the new cars.