How Important Is a Good Braking System in a Car?

The brake system is an integral part of a vehicle because it controls the automobile to ensure safety for the people inside and outside the car. Vehicles need to be occasionally checked to eliminate problems that may cause potential hazards such as loss of brake fluid or even failure of the brake circuit.

A sound braking system provides stability to the vehicle at a reasonable distance before the car comes to rest. When applying the brakes, many components are at play and therefore the rate of getting a fault is high. Consequently, it is vital for the brake components to be diagnosed and monitored regularly or when a fault occurs.

In this guide, we highlight why regular check-ups on your braking system are essential and some of the issues that you should not ignore.

Why and how often should you get your braking system inspected?

The main reason why brake inspections are important is to avoid malfunctions of the braking system of the car, which might end up causing serious accidents. Moreover, a good braking system allows your car to last longer and protects you from hefty repair charges.

Brake issues that you should not disregard

Postponing or waiting for too long to deal with issues affecting your braking system can lead to expensive repair or replacement. Here are some issues that should not be ignored:

Harsh noises

A defective braking system tends to produce unusual sounds. These grinding noises are signs that your braking system is not working properly. Sometimes, you might hear a loud screeching sound that is produced when your brake pads are worn out.

These noises provide a clear indication that your brake pads need to be replaced or that your brake system has not undergone servicing for a long period. Moreover, failure to effectively grease the rear drum brakes causes the brakes to produce grinding sounds.

Spongy brake pads  

Spongy or mushy brake pads are another sign that your car needs a brake inspection. Mushy brakes are caused by air that gets into the brake lines and interferes with the smooth flow of the brake fluid hence causing spongy brake pads. Effective flow of the brake fluid ensures that adequate power is transmitted to the braking system.

Unstable steering wheel

It is not advisable to drive a car with an unstable or shaking steering wheel. This problem is normally caused by rugged rotors when you attempt to hit the brakes. Rotors are a major part of the braking system of a car because they enable the car to slow down and finally come to a stop.

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Over time, rotors undergo wear and tear and become scored if not managed. Due to this inconsistency on the exterior of the rotors, the steering wheel tends to vibrate when braking.

List of items to be checked during the inspection of a brake system

To make sure that the braking system is working effectively, it should be checked periodically. Below is a checklist that highlights major parts that should be checked during a brake system inspection.

Brake fluid

Every periodic inspection of the brake system should involve checking the brake fluid. It is important for your car because it helps to keep all the braking components lubricated and running smoothly.

Bringing your car to stop neatly becomes a challenge when your braking fluid is low or is of poor quality. Ensure your brake fluid is checked each time you visit your mechanic to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

Brake pads

Getting your brake pads checked is not only crucial for the safety of the people in the vehicle and outside the vehicle but it is also vital for your car’s efficiency and durability. Wear and tear of the brake pads can cause issues to the car, such as shaking of the steering wheel, inadequate power to the braking system, and harsh noises which lead to serious accidents if not dealt with.

Brake pads should be kept in the best condition and this can be appropriately done when you visit your mechanic.

Brake Caliper

The braking calipers should be inspected for wear and tear which can be caused by poor installation or ruptures by road debris. Other key things to check on a brake caliper include corrosion which hinders the caliper from moving effectively.

Brake Rotor

Unlike brake pads, it is challenging to tell how long the brake rotor can last by just looking at it. Therefore, it’s important that you take your car to a qualified mechanic for an effective checkup on your brake rotors. With time, the effective performance of brake rotors is hindered by cracks, noticeable grooves, rust, edge lip, heat spots, and warped rotors.

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