‘How cold?’ Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s hilarious interaction

Charles Leclerc rose temperatures with a freezing post on Instagram.

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc had a brilliant exchange on Instagram after the Monegasque posted a picture of himself in an ice chamber.

Leclerc was undergoing cryotherapy, a medical practice that is proven to speed up the process of tissue healing.

It is particularly useful for muscular injuries, as well as post-workout therapy, increasing muscle mass after a gym session.

Leclerc took to the cryochamber a few days back, and he posted a picture of himself with a mask around his mouth and nose, as well as a bandana on his head to protect his ears.

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He wore gloves to prevent frostbite to his fingers and hands, and he wrapped his arms around himself in a bid to keep warm.

The post got over one million likes, and that might have been boosted by the emergence of a certain seven-time champion in the comments section.

Leclerc captioned his photos, “It’s cold,” before Hamilton asked, “how cold?”

“As cold as the hard tyres in Barcelona winter testing,” replied the 24-year-old with an ice face emoji.

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Also cold, sadly for Ferrari, is the title battle this year, with Max Verstappen and Red Bull now streaking clear.

The Dutchman is 116 points out in front, and he looks set to successfully defend his world title from last year, while the Austrian team are on course to earn a fifth Constructors’ Championship – their first since 2013.

Leclerc and team-mate, Carlos Sainz, meanwhile, have started to look behind them in recent rounds, as Hamilton, along with George Russell, have been closing the gap in the battle for second.

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Mercedes are now just 35 points behind the Scuderia with six rounds left of the 2022 season.

The Silver Arrows pairing have picked up 13 podium finishes between them, while Leclerc and Sainz have won a combined four races.

Verstappen and Sergio Perez, meanwhile, have taken Red Bull up to 12 wins in what has turned out to be a dominant year from the Milton Keynes-based team.