Horner reveals when Red Bull will bring ‘big’ upgrades as he warns about Ferrari and Mercedes breaching cost cap

Christian Horner has been vocal about the $140 million cost cap given to the teams this season.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is continuing his push for an increase in spending allowance for the teams as inflation continues to rise.

The teams have been given $140 million to work with this season as part of a new set of technical regulations but, in part due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, energy bills have soared in recent months.

It is now a lot more expensive to run wind tunnels to help with development, and Mercedes’ energy bill in Brackley has risen by £4 million this season.

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Getting freight to and from the races is a challenge too, because if one market inflates, the rest seem to follow, and it has worsened to the extent that Horner previously expressed fears that several teams would have to miss the end of the season.

Horner detailed that he is not pushing for a higher limit purely for developmental and performance purposes.

“I know the FIA are looking at it together with [Liberty Media], because nobody could have expected that kind of inflation,” he told RacingNews365.com.

“Perhaps I’m the one that talks out the most about it, but our problems are not the biggest in this area.

“Mercedes employ more people, they have higher salaries within their group than ourselves. 

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“Ferrari [are] another very big team with high costs, and when you hear of teams in the mid-grid that are also going to be in breach of the cap, that [were] pushing for the cap to be lower, I think it shows that it’s not about development being the biggest contributor to these costs.

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“It’s just the fixed costs of going racing with freight with energy with utilities with the supply of components. It’s just gone stratospheric.”

The revised cap has forced everyone to change their approach to upgrades and how often they introduce them, so the Red Bull boss dismisses any major changes arriving for his team at next weekend’s British Grand Prix.

“I wouldn’t say anything big,” added Horner.

“It’s very modest evolution, components are introduced as components come to the end of their life, so it’s a very different form of development to what you would see in previous years.”

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have, between them, claimed each of the last six race wins in 2022, putting the Milton Keynes side 76 points clear of Ferrari.