Horner reveals if Red Bull will be affected by skid block rule change amid cheating allegations

The Belgian Grand Prix could be an intriguing weekend if the technical directive does turn out to have an impact on Red Bull and Ferrari.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner does not believe that his side will be overly affected by the technical directive that will come into effect in Spa.

Multiple teams have been struggling for both performance and comfort this season as a result of the “porpoising” and bouncing phenomenon that came about as a result of the new technical regulations.

It got so bad for Mercedes that both George Russell and Sir Lewis Hamilton were experiencing aches and pains in Baku, with the seven-time champion struggling to clamber out of his car after the race.

To counter the potential long-term health effects caused by the ground effect aerodynamics, the FIA brought a technical directive into the Canadian Grand Prix, where they would measure the cars and set an oscillation limit.

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Any team found to be going over that limit will be asked to raise the ride height of their cars, and both Red Bull and Ferrari felt as though they were being disadvantaged.

Those two teams have won all of the first 11 rounds of the season between them having fundamentally built a better car than the Silver Arrows, so they perceived that their rivals are asking the governing body to get them back to the front, and using safety concerns to do it.

The Mercedes counter is that the safety of the drivers is paramount, but even more controversy has been added into the melting pot lately.

When the FIA measured the cars, they first found that some teams have been using a specific piece of the plank – which is not covered by regulation – to deflect more than 2mm and give their drivers extra cushioning.

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This will be outlawed as of the Belgian Grand after the summer break, and Horner recently suggested that it is unfair to move the goalposts halfway through a season.

“Well, this is the problem, isn’t it? That regulations need to be black and white,” he told The Race.

“I think we end up with encyclopaedias that sometimes are way too complicated, and there’s no such thing as the intent of the regulations, it’s a binary thing.

“So, the F1 Commission meeting, there’s many things to discuss on the agenda, maybe two hours won’t quite be enough.”

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It then surfaced that a number of unspecified teams have been using a moving skid block within the floor itself to soften the impact of “porpoising” without wearing away the plank, and this too is set to be clamped down on.

However, the Red Bull boss is optimistic that this will not necessitate any changes from his team, who he insisted previously have not been using any of the above on their car.

“From what I’m told, I’m not even sure whether we need to make any adaptation,” said Horner, quoted by RaceFans.net.

Mercedes grabbed their seventh podium of the season through Hamilton when he finished third in Austria last weekend ahead of fourth-placed team-mate George Russell.

Charles Leclerc won the race for Ferrari, beating Max Verstappen to the win, as Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez both failed to finish.