Helmut Marko says Red Bull will replace Sergio Perez

While expressing satisfaction with Perez's performance, Marko did not shy away from discussing the potential for change, considering the drivers' ages and the continuous search for fresh talent.

Red Bull Racing faces a pivotal moment as it reevaluates its Formula 1 driver lineup, with Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo, and Yuki Tsunoda caught in the crosshairs of team scrutiny.

This reassessment casts a shadow of uncertainty over their futures, stirring the pot in the high-stakes world of F1 racing.

Amidst this tension, the rivalry between Ricciardo and Tsunoda, part of Red Bull’s junior team, garners particular attention.

Their battle for supremacy is not just about personal glory but also for the coveted spot as Max Verstappen’s teammate for the 2025 season.

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This internal competition is underscored by Dr. Helmut Marko, a key advisor for Red Bull, who shared his insights with Sky Deutschland.

Marko highlighted the intense competition between the two, stating, “Both may be hoping for a place in the first team,” but emphasized, “for that to happen, one of them will have to be well ahead of the other.”

Marko critiqued their performances, pointing out that while Tsunoda shows promise in qualifying, both he and Ricciardo fall short in race conditions.

He underscored the necessity of seizing scoring opportunities, lamenting missed chances in the season’s early races.

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The discourse also touched upon Perez’s position within the team.

While expressing satisfaction with Perez’s performance, Marko did not shy away from discussing the potential for change, considering the drivers’ ages and the continuous search for fresh talent.

Liam Lawson, a young reserve driver for Red Bull, was lauded by Marko for his impressive substitute performance last year, hinting at his potential future with the team.

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However, Marko’s assessment of Perez’s immediate future suggests a degree of stability, thanks to Perez’s commendable performance in recent races, placing him second in the championship standings.

Marko concluded, “The question of who should replace Perez now is not really an issue.

“It’s about the future,” indicating that while changes may loom on the horizon, immediate shifts are unlikely, keeping the focus on strategic planning for the team’s progression.