Helmut Marko could be saved by loyal driver

Amid rumours about Helmut Marko’s future, pundits have debated whether Red Bull would consider axing the Austrian from the team.

Amid speculations of turmoil brewing within the Red Bull Formula 1 team, Christian Horner has been cautioned that Max Verstappen may align himself with Helmut Marko, the prominent figure in the Red Bull racing setup. 

The potential alliance with Marko, as suggested by former F1 driver turned pundit Ralf Schumacher, could lead to challenging times for Horner and the team.

The conjecture stems from reports by the Brazilian broadcaster Globo, which hinted at a scenario where Marko might be relinquishing his consultancy role due to apparent tensions with Red Bull’s team principal, Horner. 

Globo’s coverage underscored Horner’s ongoing efforts to assert control over the Formula 1 operation as a whole within the Red Bull group. 

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Schumacher offered his perspective on the matter, emphasising the importance of handling this delicate situation with caution. 

“Unrest leads to performance suffering. 

“That’s why you should be very careful and think about what you have achieved together,” Schumacher expressed in a conversation with Sky Deutschland. 

He further cautioned Horner against applying undue pressure, suggesting that it could backfire. “The connection between Dr. Marko and Verstappen should not be underestimated. 

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Dr. Marko promoted him very early and is always on him,” Schumacher pointed out. 

He added that there were rumours that Verstappen might not tolerate Marko’s departure from Red Bull, hinting at the potential repercussions for Horner.

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Schumacher’s insights also included a prediction that the ongoing issues between Horner and Marko might find resolution over time. 

He conjectured that the 80-year-old Marko could be seeking to scale back his involvement in Formula 1. 

“Dr. Marko will no longer want to have this stress of traveling to the racetracks around the globe forever,” Schumacher concluded, suggesting that Marko’s reduced presence might offer a path to reconciliation.