Helmut Marko claims Sebastian Vettel could replace him at Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel is third on the all-time list for most wins in Formula 1.

With the conclusion of the 2022 Formula 1 season now over a week in the past, Sebastian Vettel has more than likely started to sit back and soak up his retirement, following a long and illustrious F1 career.

After claiming four consecutive World Championships and 53 Grand Prix victories, there is little the 35-year-old didn’t achieve in his incredible career.

Since making his debut at the 2007 United States Grand Prix, the German has gone on to become one of the most loved drivers in the paddock and someone that it appeared all the drivers could call a ‘friend’.

With that in mind, many have already spoken about how they’re hoping the former Aston Martin driver will call a quick end to his F1 retirement and return to the sport in the near future, with Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko predicting how he could do it.

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Marko has suggested that should Vettel want to remain a retired F1 driver, then he could return in a “top management position”, something the Austrian side would seemingly be prepared to give him.

“It’s not out of the question he will come back in a top management position,” Marko said on Sky while on camera with Vettel.

“I’ll be 80 soon. That would be something!

“We had a discussion and I think if he could get a top management position, that might appeal to him. That’s what emerged in the talk.

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“But now we’ll let him plant some trees for once and then we’ll see what happens. He would certainly have the potential and he would have that personality for it.

“We have heard the message. We have two teams. We are open. But Sebastian, it’s a serious difference – as top management you have to be there earlier, leave later and you only get a fraction of the money you are used to as a driver!”

There is no doubt that Vettel would be perfect for a junior system advisor role, given how much experience the German does have.

He’s been seen mentoring Mick Schumacher for the last two years, with many suggesting that he could help the future of others.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes Vettel would be great in a management role, due to being “annoyingly good at everything” he puts his mind too.

“He’s one of those guys who is annoyingly good at everything they tackle. I’m sure if he decided to go down that career path, I’m sure he’d be very good at it,” Horner admitted.

“He’s a judge of character. He understands the value of people and he understands the contribution they make to success. It’s entirely up to him which topics he wants to devote himself to now.”

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Vettel himself hasn’t ruled out a return to the sport but is currently feeling excited about the “free” calendar ahead of him, with so much of his life having been fixed around the extensive F1 calendar.

“This free run will be quite exciting and interesting for me. Just to have a bit more time, no more of this fixed calendar,” Vettel said.

“But of course I will need something to do at some point. I think once you are driven like that, it’s always like that.”