Helmut Marko admits Sergio Perez in dire situation

Sergio Perez’s crash in FP1 left Red Bull in a tricky situation, as they have no spare parts to replace the damaged elements of his car.

Red Bull Motorsport Advisor, Helmut Marko, has delivered disappointing news for Sergio Perez as the Mexican driver crashed out during FP1 at the Hungarian Grand Prix, leaving him with no spare parts for the remainder of the weekend. 

Perez’s streak of bad luck continued when he lost control and spun into the barriers at Turn 5, causing significant damage to the car and depleting the allocation of spare upgrade parts provided for the event.

Prior to the crash, Red Bull had introduced a new upgrade package for both Perez and championship leader Max Verstappen at the Hungaroring. 

The team’s focus on improving performance led to notable changes, particularly in the sidepods. 

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However, the ambitious upgrade plans were quickly derailed as Perez’s left-hand side sidepod, front wing, suspension, and floor were all severely damaged in the early incident.

In a display of their formidable mechanics’ prowess, Red Bull worked diligently to repair Perez’s RB19 ahead of FP2. 

Despite their efforts, Perez struggled on the leaderboard during the session, with a lock-up on his only Soft tire run further hindering his performance.

However, the real concern arose when it became clear that the crash had exhausted Perez’s allocation of spare upgrade parts for the entire weekend. 

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Helmut Marko offered an explanation of the incident, stating, “He came onto the grass, and because of the rain, it was slippery. So that’s why he flew off.”

When questioned about the availability of spare parts, Marko revealed, “We have enough spares, for both cars.” 

Unfortunately for Perez, the confirmation that he had no spare parts remaining meant he would be racing without the luxury of replacements for any further damages.

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In contrast, Marko clarified that Max Verstappen’s side of the garage retained a set of spares, providing some relief for the championship leader in case of unforeseen incidents.

The situation puts additional pressure on Perez, who aims to regain momentum in the championship battle. 

With final practice, qualifying, and the race still ahead, Perez faces the challenge of driving conservatively while pushing for strong results, knowing that any additional damage could have significant implications for his performance without the safety net of spare parts.