Helmut Marko addresses Ricciardo-Tsunoda challenges

The dispute, fueled by Horner's critique of Verstappen, hints at underlying tensions and possible future shifts in team alignments.

In a challenging season for Ricciardo and Tsunoda, advisor Marko finds a silver lining in Tsunoda’s qualifying prowess, as detailed in his Speed Week column.

Despite neither scoring points yet, Marko’s optimism leans towards Tsunoda’s potential, emphasizing the high stakes for both drivers.

He notes Tsunoda’s commendable qualifying performance, hinting at an urgent need for Ricciardo to step up.

Verstappen’s tactical pass on Norris in a recent race underscores his strategic approach, focusing on tyre management over aggressive maneuvers.

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Verstappen’s patience paid off, leading to a smooth overtaking once his tyres were adequately warmed up.

This move was part of a race where Norris briefly led after opting out of a pit stop during a Safety Car period, showcasing the dynamic strategies at play.

Prost is set to relive his debut in the Historic French Grand Prix, driving the McLaren M29.

This event marks a nostalgic return to the beginning of his storied career, despite his initial frustrations with the car’s reliability.

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The F1 world buzzes with rumors of Ferrari eyeing Red Bull’s technical team, spotlighting the industry’s competitive nature.

This intrigue follows a contentious meeting involving Red Bull executives and the Yoovidhya family, discussing the implications of Horner’s leadership on the team and the broader business.

The saga between Horner and Verstappen adds another layer to the complex dynamics within Red Bull, with potential repercussions for both parties.

The dispute, fueled by Horner’s critique of Verstappen, hints at underlying tensions and possible future shifts in team alignments.

In other developments, the collaboration between EA Sports and F1 introduces the latest aero models into gaming, reflecting the sport’s technological advancements.

Thailand’s rising interest in electric vehicles sparks conversations about hosting a major racing event, highlighting the global shift towards sustainable mobility.

Euroformula Open’s Winter Test sees Benavides leading narrowly, with newcomers and veterans alike adapting to the competitive landscape.

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Meanwhile, the debate on racing formats and media rights spotlights IndyCar’s unique position, contrasting its strategies with F1 and NASCAR.

As motorsports evolve, the passion for internal combustion engines and electric racing coexists, with fans appreciating the diverse experiences each format offers.

The dominance of teams like Red Bull prompts discussions on competitiveness and fan engagement, shaping the future trajectory of F1 and motorsport at large.