Helmut Marko accuses Mercedes of using ‘manipulative tricks’ amid ‘flop of a car’

Two out of the three DRS zones at the Miami International Autodrome were shortened by 75 metres.

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko has called on Mercedes to stop their “manipulative tricks”, with the Austrian believing that the Silver Arrows are “moaning” in an attempt for the FIA to intervene.

There is no doubting that Red Bull are currently far superior, with the Austrians having won every race so far this season, with four of their five wins coming in the form of a 1-2.

As a result, reigning World Champion Max Verstappen leads the Drivers’ Championship by 14 points ahead of Sergio Perez, whilst Red Bull lead the Constructors’ Championship by a whopping 122 points.

This level of domination hasn’t really been seen since the start of the turbo-hybrid era, where Mercedes were more often than not a country-mile ahead of the field.

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With Mercedes having previously enjoyed such an imperious spell, Marko finds it interesting that it’s the Silver Arrows out of all teams who are complaining about Red Bull’s superiority.

Marko also noted how several teams are complaining about Red Bull’s sublime straight-line speed, which so far this season has seen them as really the only team able to make use of the shortened DRS zones.

“Overtaking has always been difficult but especially when the DRS zones are shortened. And we know why that happens…” he told to Motorsport-Magazin.

The FIA have shortened several DRS zones so far this season, which has resulted in fewer overtakes.

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Marko believes this has been done by the governing body to reduce Red Bull’s top-speed advantage, which has seen them breeze past competitors with ease this year.

He also hit out at Mercedes to “focus” on their “flop of a car”, rather than on the Milton Keynes-based team’s performance.

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“Exactly,” Marko replied, when asked if the shortening of DRS zones was an attempt at reducing Red Bull’s lead.

“We have to stop intervening with these kinds of manipulative tricks, it is bizarre that Mercedes, of all teams, is moaning.

“For years Mercedes had the superior engine and they were much further ahead of the competition than we are now. And then when you deliver a flop of a car two years in a row, you might be wise to focus on that.”