‘He is worth all Ferrari’: Binotto urged to poach Verstappen from Red Bull

Tom Coronel believes Max Verstappen is worth all that Ferrari could give and is a deal that should be considered.

Despite their ongoing reliability problems this season, Ferrari have had arguably the fastest car on the grid at the majority of the rounds so far this year.

However, Ferrari don’t find themselves leading either championship, with Max Verstappen topping the Drivers’ Standings and Red Bull Racing leading the way in the Constructors’ Championship.

With Ferrari finally having the best car yet still not looking like claiming a title, the Scuderia might be wondering what they have to do.

Ferrari haven’t won the Constructors’ title since 2008, when Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen led the red charge.

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Raikkonen was also the last person to win the Drivers’ crown for Ferrari, a year earlier in 2007.

Since then, the likes of Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and now Charles Leclerc, have all failed to win the illustrious prize.

Dutch driver Tom Coronel believes there is an easy solution to Ferrari’s problem, sign Verstappen.

Whilst the idea of the 2021 World Champion joining the Scuderia seems unrealistic, especially after not long signing a deal until 2028 with Red Bull, Coronel thinks it’s a must-do for the Italian side.

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Coronel was asked about the idea of Verstappen in red, whilst appearing on the RacingNews365 F1 podcast, whether the Dutchman could have even more success with the Prancing Horses.

Coronel is “one hundred per cent” confident that Verstappen would be leading the 2022 championship by even further, if he was behind the wheel of the F1-75.

The Dutch driver insists that Ferrari should do everything to sign the Red Bull driver, having seen “so many things happen with money”.

“I’ve always said that. What is Max’s value?” reiterated Coronel.

“It’s what Ferrari is willing to pay for it. That is in any case the reason why Red Bull has signed him for the long term, because then at least you know that you have the best driver in the house.

“If I were Ferrari, the director of Ferrari, I would now ask: how much will it cost to buy Max away from Red Bull? Who says it can’t be done?

“I’ve seen so many things happen with money! Then you see at once what Verstappen is worth. He is worth infinitely; he is worth all Ferrari,” Coronel insisted.