Has Lewis Hamilton’s Red Bull claim just been proved true?

Lewis Hamilton has been overtaken by Max Verstappen at the two most recent races in Saudi Arabia and Australia.

It turns out that seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton might have a valid point after he stated that Red Bull have the “fastest car” he’s ever seen in Formula 1, after the Austrians’ straight-line speed was revealed.

Hamilton enjoyed a strong Australian Grand Prix and even overtook Max Verstappen on the opening lap, only to be overtaken with ease a handful of laps later.

The 38-year-old had absolutely no response to Verstappen’s jaw-dropping speed, with Formu1a.uno journalist Giuliano Duchessa having shared that the RB19 was “36 km/h faster” than Mercedes’ W14 when it had its DRS activated, whilst the Germans had it closed.

Even when both cars didn’t have their DRS in use, Red Bull were “7 km/h faster” than Mercedes in a straight-line, and “14 km/h faster” when both cars did have DRS activated.

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“Red Bull was 7 km/h faster than Mercedes – no DRS,” wrote Duchessa on Twitter.

“RBR was 14 km/h faster than MER – DRS both cars open.

“RBR (with DRS) was 36 km/h faster than MER (no DRS).”

Hamilton has been left in complete shock at Red Bull’s straight-line speed for two consecutive rounds now, with the Mercedes driver having been overtaken by Verstappen in both Saudi Arabia and Australia embarrassingly easily.

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Hamilton labelled the RB19 as “insane”, with the Briton having shared after Sunday’s race that he had no clue what they were doing to be so fast.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do clearly to catch the Red Bull because they came flying past and disappeared,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“But I think this hopefully gives us a real boost of hope and energy. That it’s so early on in the season yet we’re there are thereabouts kind of so this is a message everyone should just dig deep keep pushing, because it’s not that far away and it’s relatively close to reach.

“Max is in another league,” Hamilton admitted.

“His car is so fast, he passed me halfway down the straight and he was several metres ahead, like 10 metres ahead [before the corner], but I don’t know how they’re so quick on the straight – it’s just insane.

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“So they’re just in another league and until we pick up speed on the straight like they have, and have the crazy downforce that they have through the corners, that’s how it’s going to continue.

“But I think for the others, I think if we continue to work together, we can definitely fight the Ferraris and the Red Bulls.

“The battle is really with Fernando right now. I enjoyed racing with him, it was very reminiscent of my first race here in 2007.”