Hamilton warns ‘most cars are probably overweight’ ahead of Bahrain test

Sir Lewis Hamilton ended the final day of the first pre-season test in Barcelona fastest ahead of team-mate George Russell.

Sir Lewis Hamilton cannot predict what Mercedes’ relative performance will be in 2022, adding that most cars will likely be overweight heading into the new season.

Formula 1’s technical regulations have changed astronomically ahead of 2022, with a ground effect-led aerodynamic concept introduced in an attempt to promote better and closer racing.

The tyres have also enlarged to increase the longevity of on-track battles, something that has slightly hampered visibility, leading the Briton to jest that he will “get a cushion” to see over the bigger rubber this season.

With a completely unprecedented era awaiting us, Hamilton simply has no idea what the Silver Arrows’ relative pace is going to be.

“Every year is exciting but of course in previous years, it was an evolution of the previous year’s car,” he said, a quoted by GPFans.

“In this one, it is completely brand new. Of course, I have seen designs of our car over several months.”

The 37-year-old was seen taking a peek at Red Bull’s new challenger on the opening day of pre-season testing in Barcelona, and he maintains that it is important to get an idea of what everyone else is running.

“But to see everyone’s car out there, you are trying to get a close eye to see what is different, if anything, why a certain team has chosen a certain route in terms of its sidepod design, front wing and rear floor,” he explained.

He predicted that 2022 would be “the most exciting” year, and affirmed that with such a major change to the outlook, “you have absolutely no idea where you stand.”

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Many teams are reportedly pushing for an increase to the weight limit this season, as Alfa Romeo are said to be the only outfit to have managed to get their car below the 795kg limit as outlined by the FIA.

“Most likely, most cars are probably overweight, they are heavier than they have ever been,” said Hamilton of the weight situation.

“I am glad people are able to stop them so far.”

Hamilton and team-mate George Russell managed 393 laps between them during the first test in Barcelona, and locked out the top two positions on day three.

The teams are now in Bahrain preparing for the second test which begins on Thursday at the Sakhir International Circuit – the venue for the opening grand prix of the 2022 season.