Hamilton slammed for ‘forcing Magnussen’ off the circuit

Sir Lewis Hamilton finished on the podium in Canada, while Kevin Magnussen slumped to P17 after their collision.

Fans on social media have reacting to the collision between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen at the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend.

The pair had previously come together at the Spanish Grand Prix on the opening lap of the race, sending them both down to the bottom of the order due to punctures.

The seven-time champion managed to recover to fifth in Barcelona as team-mate George Russell scored a podium finish in third but, this time, Hamilton was unaffected by the collision.

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Magnussen believed that the same was true for him but, sadly for Haas, the stewards disagreed, showing him the black and orange flag and telling him to pit.

The Dane came in for his only stop of the race as a result, and he stayed out on that set of tyres for the rest of the afternoon, eventually finishing 17th and last of the classified runners.

Hamilton went on to past Alpine’s Fernando Alonso and claim his second podium of the season behind Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz.

Russell finished fourth behind him, making for a good day at the office on Sunday following a difficult couple of practice sessions on Friday.

A fan on Twitter spotted that, for the second time this season, Hamilton has gone on to produce superb performances after contact with the Dane on lap one, while Magnussen has suffered poor results as a consequence of them.

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“Fascinating how every time Magnussen and Hamilton come into contact at the start one has a proper s*** race and the other thrives beyond measure,” they said.

There were then some fairly contrasting opinions as to who was at fault for the collision.

“A lot drivers tend to race Lewis a bit harder whenever they’re close to him. Magnussen eagerness to get past him on those 2 occasions are a small proof of that,” replied one user.

“Yes, everyone else is the problem, not Lewis… I mean he just forces MAG of track, but MAG is the problem, just like he forced Max off track on the pit exit… But the others are the problem. In Spain, MAG leaves him space, HAM understeers into him, but MAG is the problem.. FFS,” another responded.

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With what he perceived was minimal damage to his front wing after the incident, Magnussen did not understand why he was told to pit by race control.

“It’s not the team’s decision, the FIA thought that we had to pit with that. It was nothing,” he said.

“This is normal, you know, you have to be able to finish the race with a little bit of scratches on your car, you can’t have it in one piece. 

“I get it if the whole front wing is hanging by one or whatever, it was nothing so I don’t get it.”

Magnussen’s team-mate Mick Schumacher suffered equal misfortune, retiring from the race with a reliability failure having been running in the top 10.