Hamilton Reveals He Speaks ‘Often’ With Vettel About Activism

Hamilton and Vettel have both called on Formula 1 to work towards becoming greener and more sustainable.

Sir Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he frequently speaks to Sebastian Vettel about climate change and environmental activism.

The pair have both called on Formula 1 to work towards becoming greener and more sustainable.

So far this year, Vettel has completed an internship in bio-farming and the German also organised a litter pick-up during the weekend of the British Grand Prix.

Speaking this week, Hamilton said he is “incredibly proud” of the four-time World Champion for his environmental activism.

“I’ve been incredibly proud of Sebastian for doing him,” Hamilton said.

“He’s discovered things that he’s passionate about and speaking about them, and he’s not shying away from it.

“With the older generation, when we get to our age, we have more empathy. He’s got a family, he’s thinking about the future of his kids and the planet.

“He’s obviously trying to be a beacon of light for those kids and for the kids that support him.”

Continuing, Hamilton said: “We speak often, and we talk on these topics.”

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Earlier this season, Vettel was accused by some of hypocrisy, as he continues to race in Formula 1 despite its adverse effects on the environment.

Reacting to this criticism, the German said “I’m not a politician. It’s not my topic, it’s a topic that concerns us all.

“Of course, it’s important to me, including my own family.

“With children, you have a different relationship to the future and to the time. That’s why it would be nice if I can inspire other people to just think about it.”

Continuing, the German said climate change is a topic that cannot be ignored, and he directly addressed the criticism he recently received.

“The subject of change, of the climate crisis, concerns us all.

“Of course, I also see it in the same way that motorsport is not leading the way as a showcase model and is not known for it, and I think it’s good when people ask very critically ‘does that even fit?’

“But I think it is a question we – not only in motorsport but in all other areas as well – have to ask ourselves more and more. It is a topic we cannot ignore. There is no alternative,” Vettel added.

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