Hamilton has given ‘zero thought’ to jewellery clampdown despite threat of punishment

Sir Lewis Hamilton is set to be given more time to make his permanent jewellery removable when he gets into the car.

With Sir Lewis Hamilton set to be given a further extension by the FIA around the jewellery ban, the seven-time champion insists that he has not considered it ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Hamilton was defiant of the further reminder from the FIA in Miami around the necessity to remove jewellery before stepping into the car, and he affirmed that the pinnacle of motorsport has “bigger fish to fry.”

The drivers are continuing “constructive” conversations with the FIA this weekend around a compromise regarding metallic artefacts in the car, and the Briton is set to be safe from any punishment this weekend.

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Irrespective of whether or not that would have been a factor this weekend, Hamilton is unfazed.

“I’ve literally given it zero thought,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

“I’ve just arrived just as me and I’ll continue to arrive just as me and that’s that.”

The 37-year-old has been discussing the difficulties of mastering Monaco in the build-up to the weekend, particularly with the bigger cars under the new technical regulations.

The nature of the unique track in the Principality makes for an enormous mental challenge that wears the drivers out by the end of the event.

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“It’s unique and probably one of the most intense weekends, the desire and the will to win is revved up,” explained Hamilton.

“Mentally and psychologically it is probably the most draining [race],” he explained. “Because it is so narrow, so quick, so short between the corners.

“The other street circuits… Baku is slightly wider. This track is literally, barrier, barrier, barrier. It’s less physical, just mentally you’re completely stuffed afterwards!”

Mercedes’ pace looked better in Spain after a stuttering first five rounds of the season, and Hamilton finished fifth after an excellent recovery drive necessitated by contact with Kevin Magnussen on the opening lap.

His team-mate George Russell earned the team’s third podium of the season in P3 but, while there is cause for optimism for the Silver Arrows, Hamilton insists that there is a long way to go.

“It’s not turned around yet, we almost turned it around,” he added.

“We’re not on the right path yet but we’re nearly on the right path, we’re working towards it.

“If we were on the right path, we would be winning races, but we’ve come a long, long way.

“There’s been amazing work going on in the background and we understand the car a lot more, we understand the direction that we want to go.

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“So yes, we’re on a better track because we were on the wrong track before, and I’m excited for the work that everyone’s doing in the background and I’m excited to hopefully be back in the fight soon.”

Hamilton has taken three wins in Monaco previously, in 2008, 2016 and 2019.