Guenther Steiner described as team boss ‘you do not want to cross’

Guenther Steiner has become a fan favourite as a result of Netflix docuseries 'Drive to Survive'.

Chairman of the FIA stewards Tim Mayer has revealed that Haas team principal Guenther Steiner is somebody “you do not want to cross”, with the Italian-American often quick to use explicit language.

Mayer recently made an appearance on the F1 Nation podcast where he discussed how Steiner is an individual not to be messed with, although he does also have a light-hearted side to him.

Steiner has somewhat become a bit of a Formula 1 superstar thanks to ‘Drive to Survive’, as he’s become a fan favourite.

His explicit rants went down a storm with viewers, to the point that merchandise was made based around the team boss himself.

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The Haas team principal’s fiery personality is certainly unique but that has proven to make for excellent television.

Whilst it might come across great on the TV, Mayer has admitted that it’s not enjoyable to be on the receiving end of it.

This was the case earlier in the year at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Mayer was the steward, meaning he got Steiner’s full rage after Nico Hulkenberg was slapped with a time penalty.

“What a character he is,” Mayer told the F1 Nation podcast.

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“I can tell you, you do not want to cross him in the stewards’ room!

“I’ve had it full bore from him in Monaco! I was the steward there.

“I don’t get mad at him when he’s swearing at me and calling me all kinds of names in the stewards’ room.

“I just have to remind myself it’s all passion.”

As mentioned, Steiner isn’t always fiery, with him having proven this last weekend at the United States Grand Prix.

Mayer revealed that the Haas boss met all the marshals at the Circuit of the Americas ahead of the Grand Prix, where he spent “nearly an hour” talking with them and signing autographs.

“Thursday, off his own back, he went up to meet all the marshals,” Mayer revealed.

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“He spent nearly an hour with the marshals up there.

“Just absolutely wonderful, signed autographs, made jokes. He was just absolutely fantastic.

“The marshals volunteer, they put in their hard work. And it’s been quite a huge thing for him to come out and see all those people. Makes a big difference.”