Geri Horner surprises F1 fans with stance on husband’s ‘coercive behavior’

A friend disclosed to The Sun that many were "astonished" by Geri's outward support, emphasizing her underlying fury.

Geri Horner, formerly known as Ginger Spice, surprised spectators with her affectionate display alongside her husband, Christian Horner, the F1 Red Bull boss, on the grid before the inaugural Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain over the weekend.

The public demonstration of unity, featuring hand-holding and kisses in the hospitality suite, appeared to mask the inner turmoil of the former Spice Girl amidst Christian’s recent involvement in a sexting scandal.

Despite leaked sexually suggestive messages allegedly from Christian to a female colleague, an investigation by Red Bull cleared him of “coercive behavior,” with Christian vehemently denying any allegations of misconduct.

Following days of media scrutiny, Geri defiantly presented a united front with Christian.

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However, sources suggest that behind closed doors, Geri confronted her husband upon her arrival in the Middle East.

A friend disclosed to The Sun that many were “astonished” by Geri’s outward support, emphasizing her underlying fury.

While the couple projected togetherness in Bahrain, doubts persist regarding the future of their marriage in the wake of the scandal.

The friend remarked on uncertainty about their marital prospects, acknowledging Geri’s efforts to offer public support while questioning the longevity of their relationship.

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Expressing empathy for Geri’s emotional state, the friend noted her likely feelings of hurt, humiliation, and anger.

Despite an awkward exchange of affection between Geri, Christian, and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen’s victory, team principal Horner praised the successful start to the season.

Nevertheless, tensions within the team persist, as highlighted by Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, who expressed concern over Christian’s leadership.

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He warned of potential team disarray and urged resolution, suggesting that Christian’s portrayal as a victim exacerbates existing issues.

Rumors circulate regarding the role of Geri’s faith in navigating the crisis within her marriage.

Having embraced Christianity in 2001, Geri’s spirituality and belief in forgiveness may be influencing her commitment to preserving her family unit despite the challenges posed by Christian’s actions.