George Russell opens up on Jack Grealish relationship

George Russell attended the UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul with his brother and father.

Ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, George Russell has discussed his recent trip to Turkey, where he was spotted with footballer Jack Grealish.

With there having been no Formula 1 last weekend, Russell was in Turkey for the UEFA Champions League final, between English side Manchester City and Italian club Inter Milan.

Manchester City won the match 1-0 to claim their first Champions League title, something which resulted in wild celebrations.

Russell was seemingly amongst the celebrations, as he posted a photo of himself and Grealish, whilst wearing the midfielder’s medal.

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“Massive congrats mate, enjoy the moment,” Russell wrote on Instagram.

The Mercedes driver revealed ahead of this weekend that he was in Istanbul with his brother and father, making the most of his weekend away from the pinnacle of motorsport.

“With the calendar and the lifestyle we live, I don’t really get a lot of opportunities to have a memory for life with my brother and my father,” admitted Russell.

“They really love football, so, they were enjoying [it] when we were out with Manchester City and my brother was getting photos with Pep and Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne. It was a good one.”

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It was certainly a good night for Manchester City and for the Russell clan, as the Mercedes star joined the likes of Grealish to celebrate their victory.

With it having been Manchester City’s first Champions League title, Russell admitted that he could “really relate” to how players like Grealish felt, following his maiden victory at the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix.

“I spoke with Jack Grealish,” said Russell.

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“To start with, it was so many emotions, and you always need a moment to calm down before then obviously the craziness kicks in.

“When I spoke with him to start with, and I saw what he was going through then, I could really relate to that because you go through such a hype of winning and so much going on.

“Then you probably have an hour or two when you’re just gathering your thoughts, and everything is coming back to you. Then the craziness kicks in. I didn’t quite party for three days in a row, and probably had a bit more sleep than he did. But it was a good evening for sure.”