George Russell has bad news for Lewis Hamilton fans

Lewis Hamilton was ordered to let his Mercedes team-mate George Russell past at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix.

For Mercedes fans and F1 fanatics alike, George Russell has thrown water over the fire, seemingly suggesting that the W14 upgrades will not change the course of the season.

When speaking on the F1 Nation podcast, the Englishman stated:

“There is a lot of expectation around Imola. Everyone is moving forward and everyone is bringing upgrades and for sure we’ll go a small step in the right direction.

“For sure I’d like to think we can transform things but this is F1 it is never that straightforward. I won’t give any secrets away but don’t expect the world to change in Imola.

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“Red Bull is still going to be the quickest. We are chasing them and we want to beat them.”

Such comments may come as a surprise to many, but if recent years are anything to go by then Mercedes will indeed need time.

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Mercedes are far off in the pursuit for glory

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New technical regulations and a minimalist side pod design have ultimately squandered Mercedes’ chances of a World Championship this year.

Their years of utter domination at times, feel like a lifetime ago with Red Bull snatching the headlines.

Nonetheless, George Russell’s stance is understandable. He’ll want to finish his second season with the Silver Arrows strongly and focus on how he can get the best out of a dodgy hand.

With an abundance of young talent permeating the grid, Russell will be aiming to prove he is the next talent in line for the F1 throne.