George Russell fired serious warning about Lewis Hamilton

George Russell has been trying to stamp his authority against Mercedes team-mate and serial F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Some prominent Formula 1 pundits believe that George Russell’s determined quest to assert himself alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes will inevitably lead to a “changing of the guard” within the team. 

Since joining Mercedes in 2022 as an eager and talented youngster eager to make his mark, Russell has experienced a period of career stagnation.

Despite Russell’s potential, the enduring dominance of Lewis Hamilton, who recently signed a two-year contract extension with Mercedes, has prevented Russell from assuming the coveted role of “team leader.” 

The transition has not been seamless, leading to occasional on-track tensions between the two drivers.

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At the recent Japanese Grand Prix, these tensions came to the forefront as both Russell and Hamilton pursued individual objectives during the race. 

Russell executed an overtaking move on Hamilton following an error by the seven-time World Champion, only to be swiftly repassed by Hamilton down the pit straight. 

Later, Hamilton defended aggressively against Russell, forcing him into an escape area at Spoon, which prompted a radio exchange reflecting Russell’s discontent.

While the relationship has not soured, it is evident that Russell is eager to secure a prominent position within Mercedes, a desire tempered by Hamilton’s continued presence.

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During an appearance on the F1 Nation podcast, Sky F1’s Natalie Pinkham and Aston Martin ambassador Pedro de la Rosa discussed the evolving dynamic between Russell and Hamilton. 

Pinkham remarked, “What’s interesting is the dynamic between the seven-time World Champion in Lewis Hamilton and George Russell… 

“He’s no longer a rookie; he’s more established in the team now.”

Pinkham went on to analyse Russell’s approach, stating, “But I find it really interesting because, at some point, there’s going to be a changing of the guard on that team. 

“How hard does Russell push it now, in order to sort of gain authority, gain acceptance?… 

“There’s no doubt that he can [lead], he’s just not quite to the level of Lewis yet. 

“But, at some point, there’s going to be a sort of handing over of the baton, if you like.”

Pedro de la Rosa, a former F1 driver and McLaren test driver, expressed his admiration for George Russell’s talents and his performance alongside Hamilton. 

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De la Rosa emphasised Russell’s consistent speed and potential to become a World Champion.

De la Rosa noted, “George Russell is one of my favourite drivers… It’s just that he’s stunningly fast, consistently fast.

“A lot better, to be honest, than what I expected. He has the quality to become World Champion.”

Reflecting on his initial expectations, de la Rosa added, “I thought that he was going to be close but always one step behind Lewis.”