George Russell denied entry to the paddock 

Mercedes poked fun at George Russell's modelling aspirations after he was prevented from entering the paddock.

In an amusing turn of events at the Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes driver George Russell found himself jokingly denied entry to the paddock after an electronic barrier seemingly refused to grant him access. 

While the incident did not pose a serious hindrance to the team, it provided a lighthearted moment amidst their fierce competition against the dominant Red Bulls and other challenges.

As Russell attempted to enter Mercedes’ private section of the paddock at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit, his electronic pass failed to unlock the barrier, momentarily preventing his entry. 

Fortunately, a quick-witted member of the staff promptly intervened, manually opening the barrier to allow Russell through. Responding to the humorous situation, the British driver playfully remarked, “I’ve been denied!”

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The Mercedes team, known for their camaraderie and sense of humor, seized the opportunity to have some light-hearted banter with their driver. 

They jokingly highlighted Russell’s penchant for fashion and modelling, which has often been evident as he sported Tommy Hilfiger attire while hanging around the race track.

Taking a snapshot of Russell in his stylish paddock get-up, the team playfully tweeted, “@GeorgeRussell63. Part-time F1 driver. Full-time @TommyHilfiger model.” 

This humorous comment not only showcased Russell’s interests outside of racing but also demonstrated the team’s unity and friendly atmosphere, even amidst the intense competition of Formula 1.

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Throughout the season, Mercedes has been facing multiple obstacles in their battle against their arch-rivals, Red Bull Racing. 

Apart from contending with the dominant Red Bull cars, the team has had to navigate the resurgence of McLaren, led by their talented drivers, and the consistent performances of the seasoned veteran, Fernando Alonso.

While these challenges have demanded intense focus and dedication, the team’s ability to find humour in everyday situations showcases their ability to maintain a positive outlook and foster a cohesive team spirit.