George Russell brutally embarrasses Toto Wolff

George Russell left Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff red-faced on camera.

Toto Wolff shook his head in disbelief ahead of last weekend’s British Grand Prix, following a unexpected surprise from Mercedes driver George Russell.

Russell entered Mercedes’ motorhome last week wearing a specially designed shirt, which was emblazoned in photos of Wolff’s face.

The team principal was shocked at what he was seeing, with his reaction having been captured in a social media video.

As the King’s Lynn-born driver entered the building, Wolff buried his head in his hands, before shaking his head.

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“What is this?” Wolff asked his driver.

Russell replied: “It’s nice. Feel the quality. I wanted to walk in it tomorrow but they said I can’t.”

Wolff then received another surprise though, as he was handed his own special shirt, which featured pictures of his wife, Susie.

“You could wear that on the beach,” joked Russell, as the Austrian put the shirt on.

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The duo then had a photo together in their shirts, before Wolff revealed: “I’m going to wear this in my meeting upstairs.”

Incredibly, the F1 fan who designed the shirts discovered the video, before taking to social media to share her reaction to seeing her designs being worn by Russell and Wolff.

The fan from Devon thanked Mercedes for posting the video, with her having been in complete shock that the Silver Arrows duo were wearing “my freakin shirts wtf”.

@Olivias63 said: “They’re my freakin shirts wtf admin thank you for posting this.”

The fan added: “How it started vs how it’s going. I will never be able to thank you enough.”

The clip on Mercedes’ Twitter account was very well received by fans, with several now asking for Susie’s reaction to Wolff’s shirt in particular.

“Need to see susie’s reaction!!” wrote @aimeecr26.

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Another fan, @brutus_biggun said: “Alright, this absolutely just made my day (laughing emoji).”

@az19online, demanded that the Wolff shirt is put on sale by the team: “I expect to see the Toto-Shirt on the official merch site ASAP!!! This is how we will be turning up to races going forward.”

Unfortunately for Russell, the shirt didn’t bring him any luck, as the Mercedes star was the only British driver not to finish on the podium on Sunday.