George Russell breaks silence on Max Verstappen calling him a ‘di**head’

Max Verstappen waited for George Russell after Saturday's sprint race, following their opening lap collision.

George Russell insisted after Saturday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix sprint race that reigning World Champion Max Verstappen “let himself down”, following their heated dialogue in parc ferme.

The pair collided on the opening lap of the sprint at the Baku City Circuit, after Russell locked-up on the inside of Verstappen at Turn 2, something which resulted in the Briton understeering into the side of the Dutchman’s RB19.

The collision left a huge hole in the side of the Dutchman’s left sidepod, something which would’ve had a damaging effect on his car’s performance.

Russell actually moved ahead of Verstappen following the collision, before Verstappen regained third a few laps later.

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Despite having gotten back ahead of the Mercedes driver, Verstappen remained absolutely livid with him and the fact that is wasn’t investigated by the stewards.

The double World Champion was so angry in fact, that he waited for Russell in parc ferme after the sprint, in order to vent his frustration at his fellow 25-year-old.

Russell tried apologising to Verstappen and admitted “I’ve got no grip”, something the Dutchman quickly fired back on.

“We all have no grip; we all need to leave a little bit of space,” Verstappen insisted.

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After recognising that the conversation in parc ferme wasn’t going to solve anything, Russell opted to walk away, only for Verstappen to have one last dig at the Mercedes driver.

“Expect the same next time” Verstappen shouted, before calling Russell a “d***head” on live TV.

Russell was certainly surprised by Verstappen’s rash reaction and put it down to the “heat of the moment”.

The former Williams driver did note, though, that the Red Bull driver “let himself down” with his “unnecessary” foul language but that it ultimately “doesn’t bother me”.

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“There was nothing really to say from my side at the end of the day it’s heat of the moment for everybody,” Russell said after the sprint, as reported by the

“I don’t know if he comes across differently now at the end of the day.

“It’s a racing incident. I don’t need an apology, but he’s a two-time world champion leading it again at the moment. It doesn’t bother me, but he probably let himself down with those comments. Max is a super good guy, great driver, just words like that are a bit unnecessary.”