George Russell blasts the FIA

The FIA has shortened two DRS zones in Miami in a bid to reduce overtaking opportunities despite complaints from drivers.

Formula 1 drivers and teams have criticised the FIA after officials shortened DRS zones for the second round in a row despite concerns that it is making races dull.

Two DRS zones in Baku were shortened, including one on the main street, resulting in only 23 overtakes across the whole race.

Miami risks being a similarly lacklustre affair after two DRS zones were shortened without consulting drivers or teams first.

George Russell, director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA), has criticised the FIA for making track changes without speaking to the individuals who know the track best – the drivers.

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“I think all of us don’t really understand why they’ve been shortened,” Russell said.

“I think the race spoke for itself in Baku.

“For a couple of races now, it’s been challenging to overtake.

“But yeah, there should never be a knee-jerk reaction.”

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Max Verstappen chimes in

Title-leader Max Verstappen believes the situation is more complex than just a matter of shortening or expanding the DRS zones.

“Is the DRS zone too short? Are the cars not good enough to follow closely? I think it’s a bit of a combination of both,” Verstappen told reporters.

The new era of regulations has favoured Red Bull, as the team secured the Constructors’ Championship last year with ease, while Verstappen won the Drivers’ title at the Japanese Grand Prix.

2023 has seen Red Bull start to pull away from its rivals with only four rounds completed, as they have built up an almost 100 point lead over their closest competitors Aston Martin.

Fernando Alonso blames Red Bull

Fernando Alonso believes this domination is the reason that the races have been dull affairs for fans, as Red Bull has easily taken victory in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Azerbaijan.

“If Red Bull weren’t so far ahead, it would be a very interesting fight with three or four teams within 1 to 2 tenths,” Alonso said.

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“Maybe then we would say the rules were a success.

“Or maybe it will be the case in a few years, when we have some stability in the rules. It could also be the tyres.

“For sure there were higher expectations from everybody but I think we still need to give them a little more time.”