George Russell and Sergio Perez team up to mock Sky Sports over Red Bull saga

A party was held in Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate next year’s Grand Prix.

Red Bull stuck to their word in Mexico, showing support to their driver Max Verstappen by refusing to speak to Sky Sports.

The Dutchman had begun to grow tired of what he called constant disrespect and announced before the Mexican Grand Prix that he would not be partaking in any Sky Sports interview as a protest against their treatment of the team.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a comment made by Sky Sports presenter Ted Kravitz on ‘Ted’s Notebook’ after the United States Grand Prix.

Kravitz claimed that Verstappen had ‘robbed’ Lewis Hamilton of his eighth world title in Abu Dhabi last year, and insinuated that he wanted Hamilton to avenge the injustice by beating the Dutchman during the race in Austin.

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Sergio Perez also took part in the boycott and has now made a joke about the whole situation, poking fun at Sky Sports commentator David Croft in Las Vegas, where a party was held with some of the drivers to celebrate the introduction of the Las Vegas Grand Prix for 2023.

“Sorry are you allowed to ask Red Bull drivers questions, Crofty,” joked George Russell when Croft tried to interview Perez.

“I am tonight, yep. I’ve got special permission tonight. Don’t start on me,” replied the commentator, quick wittingly adding a comment to Perez “Are you allowed to answer?”

The Mexican driver laughed off the comment and took his turn to make fun of the situation, saying “yes… while they’re not here!” 

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By this Perez was insinuating that while Verstappen and his boss Christian Horner are not present he can break the boycott and speak to the broadcasting giants.

It is believed that Kravitz will make an attempt to clear the air with Verstappen at the Brazilian Grand Prix, while Sky Sports themselves have sent their Formula 1 director to the Red Bull factory in an attempt to smooth over any bad feelings between themselves and the team.

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Horner has confirmed that the boycott was only a one off, as opposed to an ongoing protest, suggesting that the aim was to send a message that they will not tolerate the treatment they have received from Sky Sports.

“We were upset and we made the decision to stand together as at team,” he said when asked about the teams decision to join Verstappen in the boycott.

“Some of the commentary is fair but some pieces are sensationalist and saying we robbed anyone of the championship, as was said in Austin, is going too far.”