George Russell admits to deliberately causing crash

George Russell purposely crashed into a rival during his go-karting career.

George Russell has openly admitted to having crashed into a competitor on purpose before, whilst racing in go-karts.

The Mercedes driver featured in a lie detector test carried out by Sky Sports F1 and host Simon Lazenby.

It featured as part of the broadcaster’s build-up to last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, where Russell retired from the race.

Some of the 25-year-old’s answers might have left his fans shocked, especially as he admitted he had caused a crash on purpose before.

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“Yes,” Russell revealed, when asked if he’d caused a crash on purpose.

He was then asked to clarify when and whom he crashed into on purpose; however, he failed to give the name of the victim away.

“When I was go-karting, it was part of the game,” Russell said.

Russell was then asked if he’d crashed into somebody on purpose ever since, something he denied.

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Russell answered: “No.”

Being an F1 driver certainly comes with its perks, which for the Briton are multiplied given that he races for Mercedes and partners seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

With that in mind, Russell was asked if he’d ever used the phrase ‘do you know who I am?’ something he admitted he had before.

The King’s Lynn-born driver explained when he used the phrase, and how it was something he regrets doing.

“I think so but it was because I had a table reservation. It was something I wish I wouldn’t have said,” Russell admitted.

Something else which Russell presumably regrets doing is going wide at Turn 8 on Lap 13, with it having resulted in unfortunate circumstances.

Russell made a good start to the Canadian GP and quickly settled into fourth, behind two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso.

Alonso clearly boasted better pace than the Mercedes driver; however, Russell did his best to remain as close to the Spaniard as possible.

The former Williams driver was pushing incredibly hard to stick with Alonso, something which resulted in him going wide at Turn 8 on Lap 13.

As a result, he was launched over the sausage kerb at Turn 9, where he then lost the rear of his car after it landed.

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He heavily collided with the wall as a result, scattering debris across the track.

Somehow, he was able to re-join the race following a pit-stop; albeit, in last.

Whilst he was able to recover back into the points, Mercedes asked him to retire the car in the race’s closing stages, much to the drivers’ disappointment.