Fresh reports indicate Red Bull and Max Verstappen won’t be punished by the FIA

Christian Horner is livid at allegations that Red Bull broke the rules last year.

New reports have come to light that Red Bull may have committed a minor breach of the financial regulations last year, rather than a material one.

Formula 1’s first budget cap was introduced last year, and it stood at $145 million for the teams to spend on their cars.

There are three categories of breach of the financial regulations, one of which being procedural, whereby a team may fail to submit paperwork, or submits It late.

Williams were fined for this by the FIA earlier on in 2022, and reports came to light last week suggesting that Aston Martin and Red Bull might have overspent last year.

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Overspending is split into two more categories – minor and material – and there were suggestions that the Austrian side may have gone over by as much as $10 million.

This would constitute a material breach, as the threshold is five percent, and such a contravention would leave them at risk of one of the harsher penalties.

Among those punishments is an exclusion from the world championship in question which, in this instance, is that of last year.

There was speculation during last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix weekend that Max Verstappen was in danger of losing his world title to Sir Lewis Hamilton.

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However, a report from Sportsmail now suggests that the Milton Keynes-based outfit did go over the limit, but not my more than five percent.

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Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, was outraged by the accusations being aimed at his team, mainly by Ferrari and Mercedes, and he is thought to be considering legal action against what he feels are “defamatory” comments.

Red Bull insist that they did everything by the book.

Certificates of compliance will be handed out on Wednesday, at which point we will know who stayed within the budget cap in 2021.