Free spins at online casinos: Explanation, tips, and guidance

Free spins at an online casino mean, that the user can try games without paying any money
beforehand. Many online casino try to attract potential player by promising those free spins
alongside with winnings. However, there are some pros and cons about the free spins that this article
will explore.

Positive aspects:

Of course, free spins definitely do have some advantages. Otherwise there no such thing as free spins
would exist. The first obvious advantage is the fact that free spins can be used without spending
money. Therefore they are offering a good opportunity to try a game first and to examine your own
talent in understanding and winning the game. To use free spins as a try out, without expecting any
big winnings is therefore definitely a good thing, since you can play without any risk.

Nevertheless, the free spins can offer you winnings. Therefore it is possible, that someone can win
something with a free spin without paying any money, even though that is quite rare. If the free spins
are not offered by the casino, but by the slot machine itself, it is definitely a good thing to use them
because they are – in difference to the once offered by casinos – usually not linked to any special
conditions or rules.

Negative aspects:

Free spins, offered by a casino, are usually linked to special conditions. Often those conditions are
not highlighted or transparently accessible and therefore a lot of players using the free spins agree to
terms they do not know. Additionally, the free spins are of course a marketing strategy. With free
spins, casinos try to get attention from potential clients and spark an interest for certain games.

If someone play free spins and expects high winnings, the disappointment is guaranteed. The
conditions for winnings in free spins are often, that they are not paid out before the player did not
win twice the amount or something similar. Therefore, the winnings in the free spins are often
designed to actually make people pay more money than they usually would have. That is why one
should definitely read the terms and conditions before playing free spins.


Free spins are a nice and interesting method if you want to start gamble in an online casino but do
not know the slot machines yet. To use the offer of free spins is advisable, if you want to understand
your own talents or a specific game.

However, you should not expect any winnings before reading the terms and conditions of those free spins. Additionally, you should keep an eye out for Free Spins
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that openly communicate their conditions and keep a distance from those, where you
have to intensively search for the conditions.

Another tip is that before you start using free spins, lower your expectations and set save boundaries
for your own financial expenses. That can help you not be tempted, when you misread the conditions
and find yourself in the position of having to spend money in order to get the win.