Frederic Vasseur reveals Ferrari demand amid contract uncertainty

Ferrari have claimed just three podiums so far in 2023, all courtesy of Charles Leclerc.

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has insisted that the Maranello-based team need to make a “small step everywhere”, with that being what they’re currently working towards.

The Italians enter the Dutch Grand Prix weekend having gone through the summer break on the back of a good result.

Charles Leclerc ended the first half of a mixed 2023 with a podium at the Belgian Grand Prix, giving Ferrari something to celebrate.

The season so far though, has been more on the disappointing than the positive side of things, with Vasseur recognising that Ferrari “have to improve the package” to make progress on the track.

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Ferrari often found themselves third or fourth in the pecking order, whilst they were the second quickest team on a few occasions.

Given the uncertainty of the fight behind Red Bull, Vasseur isn’t keen to pinpoint any exact targets for the final 10 races, with progress being needed everywhere.

“We have to improve the package but we are going to improve what we are doing on track and try to get the best from the package that we have,” Vasseur told media, including

“That’s where we have to be focused. I don’t want to fix a target to say that we have to do this or this.

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“As long as we have room for improvement, we have to be 100 per cent focused on this, and that it’s clear that on every single topic and every single pillar of the performance, we have to make a step forward.”

The goal for any of the leading teams is to try and bridge the gap to Red Bull, who have won every race and sprint race this season.

Red Bull have just been absolutely relentless this season, although Vasseur doesn’t think the Austrans package is significantly better than everyone else in one area.

Instead, the Frenchman thinks Red Bull are making minimal gains everywhere, resulting in a big advantage.

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“I’m not sure that they are an area where they are much better than someone else. It’s everywhere they are out-performing on every single pillar of performance – drivers, engine chassis, aero, suspension, strategy, and that’s where we have to improve,” said Vasseur.

“We have to try to get the best from what we have in every single area, and to do a small step everywhere.

“[Red Bull’s advantage] is either two-tenths on aero, or ten times two-hundredths, and I think it’s more ten times two-hundredths.”