Frederic Vasseur breaks silence on risk of Alex Albon joining Ferrari

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has responded to speculation over the future of his driver line-up.

Ferrari Team Principal Frederic Vasseur has dismissed speculation surrounding a potential move for Williams driver Alex Albon, emphasising that Ferrari is not considering him as a replacement for Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz in 2025. 

While acknowledging Albon’s impressive performances this season, Vasseur clarified the situation during an interview with’s Italian site.

“I don’t know where this story came from. I’ve worked with Albon in the past, and we’re friends,” Vasseur stated. 

“If a reporter asks me if Alex is currently doing a good job, I would say yes. 

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“But that doesn’t mean I’m interested in taking him. 

“I believe Alex also has a contract with Williams for 2024. 

“The team is investing a lot, so there is no problem.”

Vasseur, who took over as Team Principal during the winter, expressed his priority to familiarise himself with the entire team before making any decisions, including those related to driver contracts. 

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He highlighted that Leclerc and Sainz’s current contracts extend until the end of 2024, and discussions regarding their future with Ferrari are not urgent at this stage.

“At the beginning of the season, I made it clear to the team and the drivers that I need to get to know the team first, and it takes months,” Vasseur explained. 

“They still have a one-year contract, so I don’t think it’s an issue that needs to be discussed now. 

“We will certainly talk about it in the future, but it’s not the first concern. 

“The priority, for everyone, is to focus on the team, especially this season. 

“I don’t want any distracting elements.”

Ferrari has experienced a challenging season, currently sitting in fourth place in the standings and achieving only two podium finishes. 

“Both podiums were secured by Leclerc, who also secured the only non-Red Bull pole position in Azerbaijan. 

“Vasseur praised Leclerc’s aggressive approach, which occasionally leads to exceptional performances but can also result in critical errors.

“Leclerc is capable of exceptional things,” Vasseur acknowledged. 

“Sometimes he does things that you don’t know where he got them from. 

“Charles is a driver who always thinks about winning. Our car is behind the Red Bull, but he is still there thinking about trying to win. 

“In certain situations, we have seen him push too much and go into over-driving. 

“My job is to guide him in the right direction.”

Vasseur also commended Sainz for his consistency, noting that while he may not match Leclerc’s raw pace in qualifying, he demonstrates a steady performance without high-profile mistakes.

“Carlos is very consistent,” Vasseur added. 

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“He is able to manage his own pace and does it a little better than Charles. 

“He doesn’t overdrive but doesn’t have the big peaks of Charles, such as taking pole positions. 

“He limits the major mistakes and is always there.”