Formula 1’s 10 Best Drivers in History

Whether you’re new to the circuit or a die-hard racing fan, Formula 1 racing delivers action and excitement unlike any other sport. The world’s best drivers are what makes it so.

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You may disagree, but we think these are the top drivers Formula 1 has ever produced.

#10. Mika Häkkinen: Despite his career nearly being cut short after a horrific crash at the end of the 1995 season which fractured his skull, “The Flying Finn” Häkkinen posted a pair of consecutive Formula 1 Championship wins (1998 and 1999) to go along with 20 total wins and over 50 career podium finishes.

#9. Stirling Moss: Though no one would want the title of “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship” on one’s resume, Moss’s career was cut short due to a crippling crash in 1962. Nonetheless, he amassed 16 career wins to go along with 24 podium finishes while behind the wheel, making him England’s top Formula 1 driver.

#8. Fernando Alonso: Not only has he accumulated over $450 million in career earnings; Alonso has held several racing records. As the most successful Spanish Formula 1 driver in history, he’s stood on the podium over 95 times. Alonso’s twice been the Formula 1 World Champion, and became the youngest World Champion ever at the age of 24.

#7. Andreas Nikolaus “Niki” Lauda: If nothing else, Lauda deserves to be included on this list for his remarkable return to racing after nearly dying in a crash which scalded his lungs. But Lauda won the Formula 1 World Championship three times: twice after that near-fatal crash in 1976. With 25 career wins and 54 podiums in 171 races, Lauda more than cemented his legacy in the racing world.

#6. Jackie Stewart: Perhaps best known for his career as a racing broadcaster due to his distinctive Scottish accent, Stewart was no slouch behind the wheel. For 19 years he held the record as for the most wins by British Formula 1 racer. Throughout his career Stewart won three Formula 1 World Championships while finishing as the runner-up two other times. When he retired, he became an advocate for racing safety.

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#5. Juan Manuel Fangio: “El Chueca” was far and away the best driver of his era. After winning his first World Championship in 1951, the Argentinian strung together 4 consecutive world titles in a row between 1954-57. He won the Argentine Grand Prix four times (the most by any driver ever), and holds the highest winning percentage of any driver in Formula 1 history.

#4. Ayrton Senna da Silva: Though his career was cut short due to his death after a brutal crash at the San Marino Grand Prix, Senna left an indelible mark on Formula 1. With 80 career podium finishes, 41 career wins and three World Championships, his legend will always remain despite fans never getting to see what this remarkable driver could have fully accomplished.

#3. Alain Marie Pascal Prost: France’s greatest driver, Prost mounted the podium 106 times during his 202 career races. But even more impressively, he totaled 51 victories in those 202 races, leading to him winning the World Championship four times – including in 1993 when he retired from the sport on top of his game.

#2. Lewis Hamilton: Believed to have over half a billion dollars in career earnings, Hamilton is certainly in the upper echelon of both vintage and modern drivers. A five-time Formula 1 World Champion, he holds the record for the most victories, pole positions, and podium finishes in racing history – and the Brit’s not even 40 years old.

#1. Michael Schumacher: He’s a household name in the sport for a reason. Schumacher has the most Grand Prix victories, set the record for the most races won during the single season, and not surprisingly, has won the most World Championship titles. He has done it all in the sport, and left a legacy many would love to match.