Formula 1 slammed for Monaco Grand Prix decision

The Monaco Grand Prix will be sticking around for another three years.

Formula 1 fans have been slightly torn as to what they think of the extension of the Monaco Grand Prix’s contract.

Monaco is one of the oldest races on the F1 calendar, and has played host to 68 championship races having been part of the championship schedule since 1950.

Some of the most famous names in the history of motorsport have won the race, from Juan Manuel Fangio to Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Sir Lewis Hamilton and many others.

Racing in the principality is one of the most unique experiences the drivers have faced, needling the cars between the tight barriers, and soaking in the remarkable sights and sounds of the town.

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The pit straight is oddly placed due to the tightness of the streets, and the main paddock is situated away from the racetrack because of the track layout.

Qualifying in Monaco is an extremely entertaining spectacle as the drivers push for every last thousandth of a second, daring to get closer and closer to the barriers in pursuit of the best possible starting position for the race.

One of the main reasons for this is that it is devilishly difficult to overtake in Monaco, and therein lies one of the criticisms, because the races can perhaps be a little boring.

Those of an artistic appreciation can enjoy the craft of somehow keeping the car out of the walls for 78 laps, but racing purists see it as a procession which, for the fans, is not enjoyable to watch.

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The Monaco Grand Prix did not actually have a contract for this season, but a late one-year deal was agreed, with Sergio Perez taking the win in a rain-affected race.

Flavio Briatore said, ahead of this year’s edition, that he expected a new deal to be reached within a couple of weeks of the race, but it took another three months for an accord to finally be reached.

The Principality will be staying on the calendar until 2025, but not everyone has been entirely pleased by the news.

Lovers of Monaco, though, are very satisfied indeed.