Formula 1 reveals number of sprint races for 2023

Formula 1 will double the number of sprint races in 2023.

Formula 1 has confirmed that it will hold six sprint races in 2023, doubling the number of those events from this and last season.

Sprint races were introduced in 2021, and it sees qualifying take place on Friday, before a 100-kilometre dash takes place on Saturday.

Points were awarded to the top three finishers, and the finishing order in the sprint set the grid for the race on Sunday.

Six sprint races were proposed for this season, but the budget cap went down to $140 million, so some teams revolted against the idea.

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They did not believe that doubling the number of sprint events was sustainable given that spending on damage and development was already going to be high, so the idea was scrapped.

Two sprint races have been held so far in 2022, with Imola and Spielberg playing host to them. The third and final one in 2022 will take place in Brazil.

The rules around sprint races changed this season, with the top eight drivers now receiving points, while the driver who goes fastest on the Friday takes pole position, provided they convert that into a win on the Saturday.

Max Verstappen has won four of the first five sprints held in the pinnacle of motorsport, with Valtteri Bottas claiming the other in Monza last season.

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The reigning champion has repeatedly spoken out against sprint races, as he believes it diminishes the significance of the main race, while many fans see it as a needless gimmick.

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However, the argument for it is that watching an additional race is better than a third practice session, and that it can potentially lead to a more jumbled and exciting grid for the main race.

F1 CEO, Stefano Domincali, previously suggested that every race might feature a sprint, but, for now, there will be six in 2023.

The venues which the sprints are to be held will be confirmed by F1 “in due course.”