Formula 1 Decision on Banning Jewelry

The decision of Formula 1 to ban jewelry does not seem to sit well with some racers. Most regard it as part of their lifestyle and claim that the management would have done it better. But does failing to honor the decision impact the racers in the future?

FIA and the governing body released a statement that the racers would not be allowed to wear jewelry in the cockpit. This includes earrings as well as any other type of metal ornament. This association claims that this was done by putting the racer’s interests at hand. However, most racers regard the decision as harshly made and would have been done in a friendly manner.

Among the rebels is Lewis Hamilton, a former racer who is currently the chairman of the Grand Prix Association Wurz. He said that the ban on jewelry was a good thing to implement in the future but putting some consideration was best for the racers. The former racer says that the message would have been delivered better as well.

He emphasizes the need for working together in Motorsports compared to their football counterparts, who never seem to agree on such matters respectfully. Lewis Hamilton was caught up in a confrontation after he failed to agree to remove nose piercings that he had raced with for a long time.

The governing board took action on the GrandPix Association chairman by summoning him with a grace period of two races to honor the decision. However, the racers do not seem to remove his jewelry anytime soon, resulting from the disagreements that have not been settled yet. The scenario has made most of his fans wonder if he might be banned from participating in the upcoming big racing event.

With the rules being struck on the racers, it makes it difficult for the fans and bettors to predict the win on the Monaco Grand Pix, which will take place on May 29. Motorsports has recorded a high number of bettors for a while now. NetBet online slots are among the sites where you can source the best motorsports betting tips.

The governing association also pointed out those non-compliant under-garments would not be allowed to the race. They said that the jewelry and another type of clothing speed up flaming should an accident occur. It has been proven that most of the accidents that occurred to racers before left more injuries on their bodies due to the jewelry.

This is why the association claims that the ban was done for the safety of the racers and no other interests. IA President Mohammed Bin Sulayem stated that the jewelry might look appealing but bear flammable material underneath, which is very dangerous in case of a risk.

The president and the entire board are still hoping that all the racers will come to terms with the decision. This is to be good role models to the upcoming racers and promote the association’s reputation.

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The decision of the FIA on the jewelry ban has raised eyebrows regarding the compliance of the racers. The upcoming Monaco Grand Pix will determine the stand of most of the racers and their participation.