Formula 1 Against Politics

Formula 1, also known as F1 or Formula One, has been a part of the modern sporting landscape since 1950 when it first started as a sport. Over the years, F1 has evolved from a sport to a multi-billion dollar business. And with that, it has become inextricably linked with politics and the political landscape. Of course, politicians could not avoid the chance to earn money and tell who is the winner and who is the loser. If you are tired of listening to politicians about any matter and willing to forget and chill away from them, try to play blackjack at PlayAmo CA. It will definitely help you to rest and chill and do not forget to bet on your favorite sports car! 

The New Code

The new code will prohibit political statements without approval. Another question is what exactly will be considered politics. The International Motor Sports Federation continues to tighten the screws on racers. Officials have cracked down on piercings and jewelry this year, fining Lewis Hamilton. Now everything is even more serious. In the new FIA code, there will be a new clause on violation of the rules, in fact, introducing punishment for dissent.

According to the new rule, it will be considered a violation. If a pilot makes or carries out the expression or demonstration of political, religious, and personal statements or comments in violation of the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA in accordance with its statutes. Unless this has been previously approved in writing By the FIA for international competitions, or by the relevant federation in the case of national competitions within their jurisdiction. On paper, everything seems to be beautiful. The FIA ​​claims that it is keeping pace with the Olympic Charter and its principles.

But it is ironic that the federation decided to fight politics. Though, it is mired in it to the very tonsils. “Formula 1”, in which large concerns compete. The interests of many state organizers of races are tied which is impossible without politics. Holding races in Saudi Arabia itself can be considered a political decision. It is unlikely to please women fighting for their rights. Therefore, the decision of the FIA is at least controversial and even authoritarian.

Although it fined the organizers of the Turkish Grand Prix $5 million for appearing on the podium of the President of Northern Cyprus. For example, the shelling of the territory near the autodrome in Saudi Arabia by the Houthis did not affect the desire to hold the race.

How Did It Start? 

At the same time, the decision is understandable. In recent years, there has been a lot of politics in Formula 1. Now you can’t rewind the tape, but the situation has escalated after the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Then Lewis Hamilton encouraged all riders to kneel before the races. Daniil Kvyat, Max Verstappen, and some others refused to support the action. A season later, another Russian racer, Nikita Mazepin, did not want to kneel down. Although in May 2021 he nevertheless did it. But, according to his own statement, in honor of Victory Day and veterans.

In addition, Hamilton wore a T-shirt that read “Arrest the cops who shot Breonna Taylor.” Taylor was killed after her boyfriend Kenneth Walker shot a police officer during a search of the girl’s apartment. Law enforcement officers suspected that drugs were stored in Taylor’s house. Her ex-boyfriend was selling them. Mutual lawsuits followed, several policemen were acquitted, and one was found guilty. And in parallel, the murder of George Floyd happened. Together, these cases blew up America.

How It Might End? 

It seems that the FIA is happy to make money on the stages in the Persian Gulf and other new regions, from these problems. And the functionaries decided not to bring value to the new world. As it was supposed to but to forbid talking about anything other than racing. Do you want to criticize that women in some parts of the world are required to leave the house with a man? Write a request to an influential person from Dubai, Mohammed bin Sulayem. 

The media do not mention specific sanctions. It is unlikely that they will immediately decide to disqualify Hamilton. But the fines can be very harsh, even for those racers who are millionaires. In addition, the FIA has tightened the protocol for the awards ceremony on the podium, and now the pilots must strictly adhere to the instructions of the FIA representatives.

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