Former Red Bull driver reveals brutal dismissal 

His departure from Red Bull mirrors similar incidents in the past, where drivers have been demoted or replaced due to a lack of performance. 

In a recent revelation, former Red Bull Formula 1 driver, Christian Klien opened up about the brutal way in which he was informed that his time with the team was over. 

Klien’s story sheds light on Red Bull’s history of making tough decisions when drivers underperform, as well as the unwavering loyalty and determination that often accompany those involved with the team.

Klien’s departure from Red Bull mirrors similar incidents in the past, where drivers have been demoted or replaced due to a lack of performance. 

Notable examples include Pierre Gasly’s demotion back to the sister team after struggling under the pressure of the top team, and Daniil Kvyat’s reassignment to make room for the rising star, Max Verstappen.

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However, it was Christian Klien who first experienced this challenging situation. 

Having enjoyed Red Bull’s support throughout his motorsport career, Klien shared a seat with Vitantonio Liuzzi when the company acquired the Jaguar team and entered the world championship in 2005. 

Eventually, Klien secured the seat for himself, only to lose it when Mark Webber joined the team for the 2007 season.

Recalling the fateful moment, Klien expressed his frustration: “It was a very frustrating time, a very frustrating year as well, and it came to an end in Monza. 

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“Basically, Red Bull or Helmut Marko offered me a drive for 2007 in IndyCar and said, ‘We don’t extend your contract in Formula 1, but we’ll offer you a drive in IndyCar.’ I said, ‘No, I would like to stay in Formula 1. I feel like I have unfinished business here’.”

Unfortunately, Klien’s refusal to switch to IndyCar did not sit well with Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko. 

Klien revealed the blunt manner in which Marko delivered the news: “After the race in Monza, he said, ‘Okay, Christian, we finish it now!’ 

“There was so much going on behind [closed] doors that I was really, really frustrated with the situation and the way it [was] brought up to me, it wasn’t very nice.”

Despite the disappointment, Klien remained steadfast in his desire to stay in Formula 1. 

Following his departure from Red Bull, he served as a test driver for Honda, BMW Sauber, and HRT, making a few appearances for the latter. 

Even today, Klien maintains ties with Red Bull as an F1 pundit for Servus TV, a channel owned by the energy drinks giant.

Reflecting on his experience and the unique culture within Red Bull, Klien emphasised the loyalty and camaraderie fostered by the late founder, Dietrich Mateschitz. 

He stated, “It’s amazing, and that’s all down to Dietrich Mateschitz and how he shaped his company. 

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“The people who work there, they’re all very much the same that he liked them to be, or he was kind of the role model.”

Klien went on to praise the exceptional dedication and loyalty of the Red Bull employees, describing them as having “the same mentality” and remaining devoted to the team. 

Such loyalty is rare in the modern world, according to Klien, making Red Bull a unique and special entity in the Formula 1 landscape.