Former Mercedes engineer reveals ‘touching’ Lewis Hamilton moment

Stephanie Travers has spoken out about the moment in her career that stands above the rest, thanks to Lewis Hamilton’s influence.

Former Mercedes engineer Stephanie Travers has thanked Lewis Hamilton for giving her the moment in her motorsport career that she’ll treasure forever.

Hamilton and Travers made history in 2020 when the Brit picked her to collect the Constructors’ trophy following his win at the Styrian Grand Prix, making her the first black woman to stand on a Formula 1 podium.

“Honestly, it’s a moment that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life,” Travers told the Daily Mirror. 

“My parents were back home and I didn’t have time to warn them that I was going to be on the podium!

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“Just getting pictures and videos from my siblings afterwards. And my dad crying over how much I’d achieved after they had sacrificed so much coming over from Zimbabwe to the UK for a better education and opportunities in life.

“It was a real touching moment for me and I’m so thankful to Toto [Wolff, team principal], Sir Lewis and the team for choosing me to represent them and Petronas to collect that constructors’ trophy. 

“The message that was sent out to young girls and boys out there who don’t see that representation and those people working behind the scenes, was also very important.”

Hamilton has long been an advocate for greater equality in motorsport, supporting more female drivers and individuals from different backgrounds working in the industry.

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Despite his efforts, Hamilton remains the only black driver to have competed on the Formula 1 grid, with no women having made it the top tier of the sport.

Travers currently works as the deputy team principal for Hamilton’s Extreme E team – X44 Vida Carbon Racing, having helped the outfit secure the 2022 title.

Alongside this role, Travers works at Hamilton’s foundation, Mission 44, which is working to push for change in the sport and across the UK’s education system, supporting communities with fewer opportunities.

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Following her three years at Mercedes and with her work alongside Hamilton, Travers has clearly built up a strong partnership with the former world champion.

“Sir Lewis was such a great mentor to me and someone who I really looked up to,” Travers said. 

“Even before going into the sport, he was that representation to me and that person who made me believe there was a space for me within the F1 environment.