Ford make admission about F1 return amid Red Bull rumour

Ford departed Formula 1 at the end of 2004, having been a part of Jaguar since the turn of the millennium.

Formula 1 is often the home of numerous massive car brands, with the likes of Ford, Honda and Audi making up the past, present and future of the sport.

Ford have been a large part of Formula 1’s rich history, being involved in Cosworth engines and being a part of the Jaguar team until 2004, where they left the sport supposedly for good.

Rumours are now ramping up that the car manufacturer could reverse its decision and return to Formula 1 with Red Bull, with 2026 being the year this it could come to fruition.

Red Bull Powertrains will be the Red Bull’s official engine provider under the new regulations in 2026 and Ford are reportedly in talks with the team over badging the team’s power units.

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Ford performance boss Mark Rushbrook has refused to confirm Ford’s exact plans for the future but has admitted that the growth of F1 makes it an appealing project.

“Formula 1 is certainly strong and growing, both in the United States and globally,” he told

“What they have done well is create great racing and great competition. It’s still the pinnacle, but they’ve been able to reach new audiences with things like ‘Drive to Survive.’

“As a company we go racing for innovation, tech transfer, the learning opportunity, but also for marketing reasons as well. It’s shifted for sure, and it definitely requires consideration.

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“We don’t comment on speculation, but it’s the same with all these series that are out there. It’s our responsibility to study them and understand them, and then make decisions on whether it makes sense or doesn’t make sense.”

There is some controversy surrounding Red Bull’s plans under the new engine regulations, with Ferrari in particular raising their concerns to the FIA.

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As Red Bull Powertrains will technically be a new entrant under the new rules, they will be entitled to the bonuses than new team receive, such as extra testing time.

Ferrari argue that this is not fair as the team have all of their understanding from their years with Honda, meaning that these bonuses would give them and extra unfair advantage.

These extra benefits are designed to help the likes of Audi, who will be completely new to Formula 1 when they enter the sport in 2026.