Football team and Ryan Reynolds investing in Alpine branded ‘preposterous’

Alpine could be on their way to the top as a whopping Hollywood investment has been made.

The co-owners of Wrexham football club have invested in Formula 1 team Alpine.

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have made a £171 million deal with the French outfit, joining the likes of Michael B Jordan and Otro Capital with the investment acquiring a 24% stake.

The move has not been well received by F1 great Eddie Jordan who has labelled the move “preposterous”.

“I don’t believe it. First of all, I won’t use the word fake news, but I mean, there’s absolutely no way from an accounting point of view – the financial model doesn’t stack up,” he said.

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“That’s number one. It’s all very nice and very sexy to put these figures on things but they need to be supported and they need to be authorised.

“I noticed that there hasn’t been any reaction from Alpine or indeed from Renault which is a major shareholder. And I find that in itself kind of strange to value something of that level at a gross value of £700m. It’s preposterous. It’s ridiculous,” added Jordan.

The Hollywood duo shocked the football world when they became co-owners of the Welsh football team Wrexham.

The club have since been promoted to to the English Football League after a 15-year absence, winning the national league and clearly benefiting from the investment of the pair.

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It has been reported that the F1 team’s parent company Renault announced the move on Monday.

The Hollywood pair had a major influence in bringing Wrexham into the pubic eye and have spoilt the team with trips to Las Vegas, appearing to have a positive impact on the club as they aim to take them to the Premier League.

Whether their involvement with Alpine will have the same effect remains to be seen, but the goal as it has been reported is to take Alpine to the top of the F1 standings, cementing global status.