Footage of Max Verstappen clashing with Red Bull resurfaces after controversial incident

Max Verstappen refused to allow Sergio Pérez past at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Weeks on from Max Verstappen’s blatant team order defiance, incredible footage has resurfaced of a baby-faced Dutchman defying instructions once again, at the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.

The Dutchman has been spoken about heavily following the Brazilian Grand Prix, where he went against what Red Bull told him to do.

Following a messy race, Verstappen found himself in P7 in the closing stages of the race, behind Sergio Pérez who was in sixth.

Verstappen was given permission to overtake Checo to see if he could get ahead of either Fernando Alonso or Charles Leclerc, under the condition that if he couldn’t then he’d need to return the place to his team-mate.

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The double World Champion failed to do either of these things, after insisting he had his “reasons” for defying the team’s instructions.

It’s since been discovered that this isn’t the first-time he’s done such a thing, as he defied instructions at the Singapore GP in his rookie campaign back in 2015.

After dropping a lap down due to an issue when the lights went out, Verstappen got back onto the lead lap following an early Safety Car in the race, something that brought him back into contention for a good result.

The Dutchman fought his way through the field, but was asked to allow Carlos Sainz through, something he refused to do.

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Verstappen was asked why he didn’t follow orders after the race, where he again used the ‘reason’ excuse interestingly.

“We heard the team on the radio at the end, telling you to let your team-mate through,” said the reporter.

“You gave them a pretty clear no, why did you not let him through?” Verstappen was asked.

“I mean I was one lap behind and then in the end I come back as the leading car and I was chasing the guys in front of me, so for me there was no reason to let him go by,” a young Verstappen replied.

“Do you know why they asked you to let him go?” the reporter followed up.

“I don’t know I still need to speak to the team,” the Dutchman said.

“How much trouble are you going to be in?” Verstappen was asked.

“I don’t know, I’m very happy with my position,” Verstappen replied whilst smiling.

Sainz added his thoughts at the time in 2015, where he explained that Toro Rosso needed to “talk to him”.

“Obviously the issue at the end with Max not letting you through, is this something you’re going to have to discuss with the team,” Sainz was asked.

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“I don’t really need to discuss it, I think it’s more the team who needs to tell him to listen to them,” Sainz said at the time.

“At the end I’m a team player and I’m doing the best I can for the team, I could’ve attacked him and risked the overtake but I decided not to because I was hoping that he’d let me by.

“He has decided not to, so I think it’s not me who needs to talk to him.”