FIA tears apart cost cap violation rumours

The governing body of F1 has denied reports that two teams breached the cost cap in the 2022 season.

The FIA has dismissed false ‘rumours’ which stated that at least two F1 teams broke the 2022 season’s cost cap.

Sky reporter, Craig Slater, spoke to the FIA and revealed details of their conversation.

He said: “They are quite adamant in their response to me.

“They have said that the reports are factually wrong.

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“They said that the auditing process is still ongoing with regards to the cost cap, and it is scheduled to conclude in the coming weeks.

“After which there would be a period required for assessment and finalisation of review.

“They are saying that there is no deadline submitted to the teams for them to gain certification for the cost cap.

Slater also conveyed the FIA’s response to claims – that they had slowed down the process of cost cap investigations – as false.

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He remarked: “The FIA is telling me that any suggestion of a delay to the process because of more in-depth investigation this year – the FIA tell me there is no delay because of that.”

Reports suggest that this ‘in-depth’ investigation would delve into whether some teams are using other projects to distract from the development of F1 cars.

Slater added: “Also, talk of potential breaches, at this stage, is unfounded.”

The original report cited ‘rumours’ in the paddock that related to the finances of all 10 F1 teams – and if they matched the 2022 budget of $140m.

The FIA had been turning up unannounced at factories to interview staff.

It was aware that there was a loophole some teams may choose to exploit – hiding engineers in separate projects so they didn’t have to report their full expenses.

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This tactic could involve having engineers work on boats or road car projects – but really be focusing on developing F1 parts and upgrades.

Sky’s report comes ahead of this weekend’s F1 Hungarian Grand Prix when many teams, including Red Bull, have announced tweaks and upgrades.

However, the FIA is seemingly denying claims that any F1 teams broke the 2022 cost cap.