FIA provides update on reported budget cap breaches

The FIA have insisted that they are still investigating the 2022 financial reports.

The FIA has insisted that the 2022 financial submissions are still being audited, following rumours that three teams have exceeded the budget cap.

Ahead of last weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, a rumour began to circulate that three teams have breached the 2022 budget cap.

This was reported by several publications, something which has seen some teams distance themselves from the speculation.

Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari have all tried to distance themselves from the speculation, with all eyes now being on the FIA.

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When it’ll be revealed who’s breached the 2022 cap is still unknown, as the governing body have insisted that they don’t have a “specific deadline for certification”.

Formula 1 CEO and president Stefano Domenicali has called for the governing body to release their findings “as soon as possible”, in order to reduce the amount of speculation made.

“Control is in the hands of the FIA,” Domenicali told

“Personally, what I have asked is to anticipate as soon as possible the publication of the investigations made by the staff of the FIA.

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“But I say this only because, in this way, it does not give rise to speculation and comments that are not good for anyone.”

The release of last season’s budget cap results was a complete mess, with Red Bull’s breach having been known well before an announcement was officially made.

Should the rumours be true then there’s a chance the exact same thing has happened again this season.

The FIA are adamant that any rumours are currently “unfounded” though, given that their work isn’t finished yet.

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“The auditing fieldwork is still ongoing and is scheduled to conclude in the upcoming weeks, after which there will be a period required for the finalisation of the review,” the FIA stated.

“There is not, and has never been, a specific deadline for certification, and any suggestions of delays to this process or potential breaches are completely unfounded.

“The Cost Cap Administration will formally communicate its findings according to the procedure set out in the Financial Regulations. The timeframe is intentionally not fixed in order not to prejudice the robustness and the effectiveness of the review.”