FIA Dismisses Calls For Gravel Traps To Feature At Every Circuit

A number of current and ex-F1 drivers have criticised the amount of run-off area modern circuits have.

The FIA has dismissed calls from teams, F1 drivers and pundits for more circuits on the calendar to feature gravel traps in a bid to stop drivers from consistently exceeding track limits.

Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz and Sebastian Vettel are just a few drivers who have recently come out in support of gravel traps as opposed to extensive run-off areas, as they present a greater challenge to drivers.

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Vettel suggested a combination of gravel followed by a grippy run-off area offers the best compromise between safety and penalising drivers for making a mistake.

However, FIA Formula One race director Michael Masi has stressed that this isn’t a suitable solution for every circuit on the F1 calendar.

“We can’t have them everywhere. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. As I’ve said multiple times, we need to come up with the appropriate solutions with each of the circuit owners and operators.

“We’ll continue working through that. We’ve already discussed it with the drivers. So I think it’s a bit much to ask. It’s not the solution everywhere, let’s put it that way,” Masi concluded.

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